Are Ping i25 irons blades?

That’s why Ping’s new i25 long irons are designed more like the company’s larger G-Series irons: they have longer blade lengths, wider soles and more offset, which helps golfers hit them higher, farther and closer to the target line on mishits.

What is the loft on Ping i25 irons?

#4 Iron – 24° #5 Iron – 27° #6 Iron – 30° #7 Iron – 33°

How old are Ping i25?

The i25 irons are made with game improvers and mid-handicappers in mind, and the technology on offer should get the players in this group get the most from their games. They went on sale in February 2014 with an RRP of £90 per club (with a steel shaft).

When did the Ping i25 driver come out?

02 January 2014
Ping i25 Driver – Product Details

UK Launch 02 January 2014
USA Launch 02 January 2014
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

How good is Ping i25?

The PING i25 does a great job of balancing the aesthetic features that good players want with the design elements that recreational golfers need. There is some offset to help get the ball in the air, but not so much that it’s unappealing or a hindrance to alignment.

What loft is Ping i25 U Wedge?

Ping i25 Wedge Specifications

Club Length Loft
PW 35.50” 46°
UW 35.50” 50°
SW 35.25” 54°
LW 35.00” 58°

Is Ping i25 driver forgiving?

The great feel is also paired with greater forgiveness. While this driver is an i-series driver, it is much more forgiving than one might expect. You can miss the center of the face a little and there is little ball speed, distance or accuracy lost. It isn’t quite G25 forgiveness, but yet easy to hit straight.