Are Sonor Force drums any good?

This one of the most reputable drum manufacturers, and it’s the quality of their drums that makes them stand out. I have been using their drums for a long time, and they have never disappointed me. If anything, they only get better with every upgrade. The Sonor Force 2001 features good products from the manufacturer.

Where are Sonor AQX drums made?

Any one else played these inexpensive compact drums from Sonor? It’s hard to fathom how they even make money. I know they are made in China and are made of poplar.. but even then, it feels like an insane steal at 300-400!! I’m going experiment with clear heads at some point as well.

How do you pronounce Sonor drums?

Tama. Sonor – Emphasis on the second syllable. So as in sun, Nor as more. soNOR.

What kind of maple is used for Sonor force 3007 shells?

The maples used to make shells of Sonor Force 3007 are Canadian maples and Chinese maples. But the maple plays a significant role in the Canadian maple. They both work exceptionally well to produce the best sounds of Sonor Force drums.

Is the Sonor force 3007 a Sonor?

Though Sonor is a famously German brand of drums, all of the Force kits are a product of the company’s Chinese operations. That’s not to say that the new Force 3007 is lacking any of Sonor’s individual touches. The new kit spec features upgraded shells and shorter toms along with hardware improvements.

What is the size of a Sonor 3007 Tom?

Sonor advertises the 3007 series now with shallow, ‘quick’ toms-the latest fashion. But the toms with this particular kit are simply classic sizes: 12″x8″ and 16″x16″.

What are the finish options on a Sonor 3007?

Canadian maple shells give the 3007 a professional quality. There are 13 finish options in all Sonor’s 3007 sits at the top of the extensive Force series, which also features the 2007, 1007 and 507. The 3007 spec is basically unchanged for the past two years, but now some new finishes have been added.