Are there alligators in Badin Lake NC?

The river is excellent for recreational fishing and boating. There are numerous boat landings, yet most of the river is wild, with forests of tupelo, oak and gum along its shores. Herons and alligators can be seen along the way, and a lucky sighting of a bald eagle is possible.

Is Badin Lake contaminated?

Monitoring data shows high levels of cyanide, fluoride, and trichloroethylene in Badin Lake and Little Mountain Creek, where pollution is dumped from a drainage pipe that carries contaminated groundwater from beneath the Alcoa facility.

Does Badin Lake have a beach?

Badin Lake Recreation Area, located in the Uwharrie National Forest of Montgomery County, is a focal point for campers, hikers, anglers, hunters, boaters, swimmers, and picnickers. King’s Mountain Point day-use area has picnic sites, swimming beach, fishing piers, and four campgrounds.

Is Badin Lake nice?

Badin is a beautiful, quiet, peaceful get away where you can take your family for some good, clean fun or you can go for some outdoor adventure. You can camp and hike at the Uwharrie State Park and there are lots of activities around that get you on and around the water.

What is the deepest part of Badin Lake?

190′Badin Lake / Max depth

Is Badin Lake a good place to live?

Unlike many surrounding lakes, Badin Lake has not been overdeveloped. It is still quiet, serene, and the ideal setting for lakefront living and family gatherings.

Is Badin Lake toxic?

Monitoring data has shown concerning levels of cyanide and fluoridedischarges into Badin Lake and Little Mountain Creek. The pollution appears to come from waste left on site from when Alcoa operated the aluminum production facility. Exposure to even small amounts of cyanide is dangerous to both fish and people.

What fish are in Badin Lake?

Badin Lake is a 5,350-acre impoundment that was created in 1917 with the construction of a dam on the Yadkin River. The lake is stocked with largemouth bass, catfish, bream, white bass and striped bass. Some of the best fishing is in shallow water in spring, during and immediately following the spawning season.

What is at the bottom of Badin Lake?

A World War II B-25 bomber and the bodies of its two pilots still lie at the bottom of Badin Lake, 70 years after the crash. BADIN, N.C. — Seventy years after tragedy engulfed the small town of Badin, a World War II B-25 bomber plane and the bodies of its two pilots still rest beneath the lake’s deep waters.

What town is under Badin Lake?

It is contained by Narrows Dam at the town of Badin, North Carolina. Sitting within a valley, the lake is very deep, with a maximum depth of 190 ft (58 m).