Can door closers be installed on either side of door?

Closers should be mounted on the interior side of exterior doors, and for interior doors the closer should be mounted on the side of the door that is least exposed to public view. A parallel arm closer is mounted on the push side of the door, and the arm is parallel to the frame when the door is closed.

What is parallel arm door closer?

Door Closers with Parallel Arm The closer body is installed on the push side of the door and the arm is installed to the soffit on the head of the frame. The parallel arm folds in so that it is parallel to the face of the door. Many parallel arm closers allow doors to travel up to 180 degrees.

How do you fit a surface mounted door closer?

Hold the closer back in position, and drive one of the screws that came with it to hold it to the door, using a screwdriver. Position the other end of the closer, then drive a screw to hold it to the jamb. Finish the installation by driving a screw into each of the other holes.

What is parallel arm mounting?

When installing a parallel arm closer, the body of the closer is mounted onto the push side of the door and the closer arm is installed onto the frame. When the door is closed, the arm’s position is parallel with the top of the frame, which is the reason it is called a “parallel” arm closer.

How are door closers handed?

For Door closers & Pivots Door closers, pivots and pivot sets are supplied as LH or RH only. The hand is determined from the push side of a door. The hand of a closer or pivot is the same as the hand of the door.

What is a parallel arm bracket?

This parallel arm bracket converts the regular arm into a parallel arm which can then be mounted to the soffit of the door frame head. This hardware can all come in the same box allowing the installer to get the job done the first time without having to reorder an arm or new closer.

What is hold open arm?

Door closers with hold open arm are mounted in the same way as door closers with standard arm. Mounting instructions. Tightly fix hexagonal screw (with Allen key SW 5). After closer and hold open arm are mounted, open door and keep it in the hold open position desired.

What type of arm for surface mounted door closers are needed to hold open a non fire rated interior door?

There are two basic arms for most surface-mounted door closers: the double lever arm and the single lever arm. The double lever two-part arm is installed onto stop side (Push Side) of the door in either top jamb or parallel arm mountings.