Can I still play WeeWorld?

WeeWorld was a virtual experience that launched in 2000 and acquired millions of registrations before shutting down in early 2017.

Is WeeWorld ever coming back?

There were approximately 180 million WeeMees created worldwide, but the site was unexpectedly shut down, as of 11 May 2017…. WeeWorld. It is said that the company could no longer profit off of WeeWorld, and the only option left was to sell it to the new owners, who had then decided to shut it down.

When was WeeWorld created?

WeeWorld was an online game and messaging website, originally created in 2002 with a company that was based in Glasgow, Scotland, with a few offices in London and Boston, as well as other cities in the USA.

Can you still play Zwinky?

Zwinky is a virtual world that was once popular among teens. This game allowed players from around the world to chat or play mini-games together. Unfortunately, Zwinky closed its servers as the game shut down in late 2016.

Will Free Realms return?

No, Free Realms is not returning. We have no plans to bring back any previously sunset games.

Why did Free Realms shut down?

Reasons for closure of the game were given by SOE’s President, John Smedley, over Reddit. It was not a big cost issue, but more of an issue with the amount of time it required to maintain the code bases when updating authentication or security updates, and that the resources were needed elsewhere.

Why did zwinky shut down?

On August 26, 2016, Zwinky was closed, due to IAC would focus to work on their other products and experiences. However, Zwinky’s website was still open until April 2019, when the website was started to be redirected to Gaming Wonderland, which is another IAC product.

Are there any games like Zwinky?

OurWorld Next on the list of best games like Zwinky is OurWorld. It’s also another virtual world that was released in 2008 where players have their own avatars and even condos.

Is Free Realms still on PS3?

From racing cars and building backyard mazes, to casting spells and mining for gold, in Free Realms players have endless opportunities to play and explore! New to the game, the PS3™ version adopts the console’s interactive capabilities and is easily accessible from the PlayStation®Store.

Is Free Realms still around?

Free Realms closed on March 31st, 2014.