Can you romance Vette as a dark side Sith Warrior?

How to start romance: The male Sith Warrior can romance Vette during the Sith Warrior story as well as the companion conversations with Vette.

Can you romance Jaesa as a female Sith Warrior?

Romanceable by: Sith Warrior male characters & Sith Warrior female characters (Male characters who had already started a romance with Jaesa can continue it when they re-unite with her after Ossus, female characters can start a new romance with Jaesa.)

Can you romance Vette as a female Sith Warrior?

Male Sith Warriors can romance and eventually marry Vette, while female characters can build a sister-like relationship with her, taking the place of Risha Drayen and Taunt in Vette’s life.

Can you romance Lightside Jaesa?

One important thing to know is that light-side Jaesa is not receptive to a true relationship – she will offer to bear your children, but she considers it an honor, and not part of a romance, and there are no [FLIRT] options.

Can you break Vette Swtor?

She can be broken and she starts to develop a Stockholm Syndrome from it. She can be broken and she starts to develop a Stockholm Syndrome from it.

Should I remove Vette’s shock collar?

If you leave the collar on, not only is she not a romance option, but you can’t complete her storyline. If I recall, she doesn’t start her quest/conversations with you until you are A) at a certain point in your quest line and B) around 1600 in affection.

Can you marry Jaesa?

In the original Sith Warrior class storyline, male player characters can romance her and later marry her, but if both the player and Jaesa are aligned to the dark side of the Force.

Can you turn Jaesa to the dark side?

To turn Jaesa to the dark side requires the player to be Dark I alignment or darker, and choose the dark side options in the “The Padawan Exposed” Sith Warrior quest during Chapter 1.

Can you romance Vette Swtor?

So you can only romance characters in the KOTFE story (Lana, Koth, or Theron). In order to romance Vette, you basically have to start at lvl 1 & make choices in her conversations that are “nice & light sided”. He said he got the flirt options with Jaesa, which means he was playing through the vanilla story.