Can you swim at Kanawha Falls?

Swimming spots along the Kanawha do not include lifeguards, so swimmers must take safety into their own hands. Here’s some safety tips from the Red Cross: Always wear a life jacket. Check the water before you swim.

Can you kayak at Kanawha Falls?

A kayaker maneuvers through a chute of falls during competition at the Kanawha Falls Festival in Glen Ferris on Thursday.

How dirty is the Kanawha River?

The Kanawha River Valley in West Virginia has become extremely polluted due to leaks and spills from some 20 chemical plants that produce explosive, toxic, and carcinogenic compounds.

How many dams are in the Kanawha?

Three locks and dams
Locks and Dams: Three locks and dams on the Kanawha River located at London, Marmet, and Winfield provide approximately 90 miles of transportation from Deepwater, a community 20 miles north of Charleston, to Point Pleasant and the Ohio River.

Can you swim at Kanawha State Forest?

Kanawha State Forest has a 46-site campground, picnic shelters, hiking and biking trails. These facilities and the swimming pool are open to the public.

Is West Virginia water safe to drink?

Study Finds West Virginia Counties Among ‘Worst in Nation’ For Drinking Water Violations. A new study released Tuesday by three environmental groups found more than half of West Virginia counties rank among the worst in the nation for violations of a federal law that protects the quality of drinking water in the U.S.

What does Kanawha mean in Indian?

new water
One source states that Kanawha is a Shawnee word meaning “new water,” while another claims it is a Catawba word meaning “friendly brother.”

Can you boat on the Kanawha River?

The river is not navigable by boat past Deep Water, WV (at the train trestle) so we will not highlight past that point.

What is the highest waterfall in West Virginia?

Blackwater Falls
Blackwater Falls Is The Tallest Waterfall In West Virginia.