Did Stevie Wonder lose his smell?

He temporarily lost his sense of taste and smell In 1973, Stevie Wonder was in a car accident, putting him in a coma for several days. When he woke up, he lost his sense of taste and smell!

How did Stevie Wonder get his disability?

Superstar singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder lost his sight as a newborn when he came into the world six weeks early with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), an eye disorder caused by abnormal blood vessels throughout the retina.

What is Stevie Wonder’s biggest hit?

I Just Called To Say I Love You. This became Stevie’s biggest ever hit in 1984, and topped the charts in 19 different countries.

What was Stevie Wonder first hit song?

Fingertips (Part 2)
The soulful quality of his high-pitched singing and the frantic harmonica playing that characterized his early recordings were evident in his first hit single, “Fingertips (Part 2),” recorded during a show at Chicago’s Regal Theatre in 1963.

Can Stevie Wonder taste?

2. As a result of a 1973 car crash, Stevie Wonder temporarily lost his sense of smell and taste. On August 6, 1973, Stevie Wonder was in a car accident. The crash left Wonder in a coma for four days and ultimately resulted in him losing both his sense of smell and taste for a short time.

How old was Stevie Wonder when he lost his sight?

six weeks old
Contrary to popular belief Stevie wasn’t actually born blind, but became so at six weeks old due to the incubator he was placed in after birth containing too much oxygen and causing the condition Retinopathy of Prematurity.

How many number 1s has Stevie Wonder had?

Wonder has had ten US number-one hits on the pop charts, as well as 20 R&B number one hits, and has sold over 100 million records, 19.5 million of which are albums; he is one of the top 60 best-selling music artists with combined sales of singles and albums.

How did Stevie Wonder became famous?

Motown Discovery Wonder was just 11 years old when he was discovered by Ronnie White of the Motown band The Miracles. An audition followed with Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr., who didn’t hesitate to sign the young musician to a record deal.