Did Tyler throw up in Yonkers?

The music video for “Yonkers”, directed by Tyler, was released via Odd Future’s YouTube channel on February 10, 2011. Shot in black-and-white using a perspective control lens, the video features Tyler performing the song on a chair in a blank room while handling and later eating a cockroach, which causes him to vomit.

What did Tyler The Creator sample Yonkers?

Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Yonkers’ sample of Propellerhead Software’s ‘Fx3 Hard&Soft’ | WhoSampled.

What radio station is Tyler the Creator on?

Tyler, The Creator Radio playing on Jango Radio | Songs, Genres, Playlists, Videos.

What is Tyler the Creator’s biggest hit?


Why does Tyler, the Creator call himself Baudelaire?

The cover art depicts an identification card for a character named “Tyler Baudelaire” in reference to the French poet Charles Baudelaire, whose work has been regarded by music journalists as comparable to the explicit nature and themes of Tyler’s music.

What Yonkers means?

city in SE N. Y., on the Hudson: suburb of New York City: pop. 190,000. Word origin. < Du De Jonkers (Land), the young nobleman’s (land)

What radio station is Tyler on in GTA?

FlyLo FM radio station
Garbage is a song performed by American rapper Tyler, The Creator that is featured on the FlyLo FM radio station in Grand Theft Auto V.

Why don’t they play Tyler, The Creator on radio?

Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The Golf Wang creator insisted that he doesn’t have a voice fit for radio compared to the likes of JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar or Drake. “I think there are certain voices that can make it into a mainstream world because of the tone that they’re in.

Has Tyler, the Creator ever had a number 1 song?

Tyler, the Creator Hits No. 1 With ‘Call Me if You Get Lost’ – The New York Times.

Who is Baudelaire Tyler?

Promoting a new project entitled ‘Call Me if You Get Lost’, Tyler, the Creator posted two cryptic images on social media. The artist sparked confusion amongst fans, with some concluding that his full name is Tyler Baudelaire. However, the rapper’s actual birth name is Tyler Gregory Okonma.