Do Moment lenses work?

So is a Moment lens still an improvement? Yes, it can be an improvement. Using the Moment’s 18 mm wide lens, for example, allows you to shoot in low-light situations much better with a similar focal length as an iPhone 11 Pro built-in ultra-wide-angle lens.

Are Moment phone lenses good?

Rated the #1 Best Mobile Lenses years on straight by The Wirecutter. Moment Lenses are the highest quality glass available for your phone.

Is Moment 18mm lens worth it?

Following dozens of hands-on testing with nearly 50 different smartphone lenses over the course of 4 years in unique corners all over the world, Wirecutter believes Moment’s Wide 18mm and Tele 58mm lenses to be the best for mobile-photography enthusiasts who like to use their smartphone as a substitute for their DSLR.

Do you need a case for moment lens?

In order to use the lenses, you would need a case that featured mounting brackets for the lenses. If you didn’t have a phone that fit one of the cases you were out of luck. Moment is now introducing the M-Series Lens Mount, which can attach to any smartphone or tablet.

Do moment lenses require a case?

All lenses require a case on your phone (sorry case-free folks!) that provides the compatible M-series mount. Moment sells several variations of cases for most modern smartphones (including my iPhone X), but there are also third-party cases with compatibility like the lovely leather ones from Nomad.

Do Moment lenses require a case?

Are moment iPhone lenses good?

They are also the sharpest lenses you can shoot on an iPhone, so you’ll get crisp photos, and cinematic footage all day (and night) long. Take it even further with the Moment Pro Camera App to shoot photos in RAW, remove distortion, and use manual camera controls right on your phone.

Can you use moment lens on front camera?

Even Better Selfies You can now mount a Moment lens to your front-facing camera for better selfies, stories, and vlogging.

Are Moment iPhone lenses good?