Do you lose your companions in SWTOR?

There’s no way to get rid of them until you reach the KOTFE expansion. During this, you’ll have the option to refuse/kill certain companions.

Who is the best companion in SWTOR?

An ancient male Dashade warrior.

  • The Inquisitor’s first companion, Khem is one of the best companions in-game overall.
  • A backstory full of history and intrigue puts him at odds with you as his new master; he constantly makes quips about your strength, power, and authority over him.
  • How many companions can you have in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

    During a player’s main storyline, they can obtain up to six companion characters at one time. With the addition of Section X on Belsavis it’s now possible for all classes to gain a seventh companion, HK-51, once they reach level 50. Only one can accompany the player off the player’s starship.

    Why did my companion disappeared in swtor?

    It usually happens when you enter an ops group (e.g. doing pvp or joining a world boss group), then your companion won’t just be unsummoned, but the companion-frame will be completely gone.

    What happens to your companions Swtor?

    You lose all companions because you get captured and only get freed after 5 years. After that your companions slowly return one by one (most of them are still missing).

    How do you get Shae Vizla’s Companion in 2021?

    Log in to the game at least once during that period to receive a new Character SWTOR Pipeworks Flair. Be a subscriber during that period and you will get a Character Companion reward – Shae Vizla!

    Can you have 2 companions Swtor?

    One at a time. You will have 5 companions and the ship droid by lvl 50, but only one can be with you at a time. Edit: The top number on the companion window shows how many you can have working on something at a time (missions, crafting, etc). You can only have one out at a time.

    Can you get all companions Swtor?

    You have to acquire the Alliance companions on an individual character basis, there’s no way to “unlock” them for other alts. That is – you have to go through KoFE and do the Alliance alerts on each character, to get the companions.