Does Cineplex popcorn contain dairy?

We can confirm that our popcorn is dairy-free.

Does Cineplex popcorn have real butter?

“Cineplex is famous for its popcorn and our real Canadian butter option so this partnership makes perfect sense for us and Dairy Farmers of Canada,” said Robert Brown, Vice President, Cineplex Media.

Is Cineplex popcorn vegan Australia?

Using 100% Australian home-grown corn, our popcorn is freshly-made in cinema and certified vegan.

What popcorn oil does Cineplex use?

canola oil
“These are things that you can’t tell by tasting.” At Cineplex Entertainment — the largest chain in Canada with 1,328 screens — popcorn is now popped in non-hydrogenated canola oil, second best after air popped at home.

Is movie popcorn vegan?

A lot of the “butter” flavor that’s added to movie theater popcorn is actually made with soy oil and a few other ingredients. It depends on the particular theater, but a decent portion of movie theater popcorn is in fact vegan.

Is Cineplex margarine vegan?

Cineplex on Twitter “@istalkcelery the buttery oil is vegan but the salt contains whey. You can request a salt-free batch, it just takes a little longer.”

What is Cineplex popcorn topping made of?

It’s not powdered butter at all. I’m shocked. My whole life, I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that the yellow powder on movie theater popcorn tasted just like butter. But really, it’s just salt and food coloring, with no other flavorings at all.

Is movie Theatre popcorn vegan?

Did you know that the buttery popcorn topping at most movie theaters is probably vegan? The popular movie-theater chain Regal Entertainment Group uses coconut oil to pop its popcorn. AMC is another theater chain with locations across the country, and its popcorn is made with coconut oil.

Is Hoyts popcorn vegan?

Our popcorn is Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and suitable for Coeliacs. As there is no gluten, wheat or lactose present.

Is Flavacol vegan?

Popcorn that you get at the movie theaters is flavored with something called Flavacol. You can actually Buy Flavacol Online and it is vegan. What is this? While Flavacol is vegan, it has some weird ingredients like yellow dye and artificial coloring.

Is cinema caramel popcorn vegan?

Popcorn is no longer vegan with additions such as cheese, butter, or caramel. Movies and carnivals tend to add such animal by-products. A lot of commercial brands also use butter in their popcorn. Caramel is made using three ingredients: butter, cream, and sugar.

How do movie theaters make popcorn vegan?


  1. Add the Earth Balance Buttery Spread and Nutiva Butter Flavor Coconut Oil to a small glass bowl.
  2. Add the popcorn kernels to a brown paper lunch bag.
  3. Pop the popcorn.
  4. Drizzle the melted butter mixture over the popcorn, stirring after each spoonful.