Does Laurier have dental insurance?

Laurier’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) offers a Health and Dental Plan, which covers some basic expenses outside of your provincial health plan. This includes dental work, prescriptions, psychologist/social worker visits, physiotherapy, and more.

Is residence mandatory at Laurier?

Your residence contract is for the eight-month academic year, meaning you’re required to stay in residence from September 2022 to April 2023, as outlined in the Residence Agreement. In completing the residence application, you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Does Laurier residence have WIFI?

Internet Service Wireless internet is provided in all residence buildings.

How much is Laurier meal plan?

$2,200 total for academic year (includes $20 levy) Any student assigned to an apartment-style residence can upgrade their meal plan to an All Access Dormitory- Style Meal Plan by contacting the OneCard office after their residence room assignment has been confirmed.

How do I opt out of Laurier textbooks?

The deadline to opt out is the 10th day of instruction regardless of the add date. A welcome email is sent to your Laurier email account on the day you enrol in the course to inform you that you are in a digital textbook access course and to advise of the opt out deadline.

What do I need to bring to residence at Laurier University?

This means that all you really need to pack for residence are your clothes, school supplies, decorations, bed linens, and items to make the place feel like home. The only furniture that will be allowed in dormitory residences is a chair for your desk.

How do I opt out of Laurier residence?

If you no longer wish to live in residence, you must submit an email to [email protected] by the stated deadline. Please include your first and last name as well as your nine-digit Laurier student ID number.

How much is a dorm at Laurier?

There are two main styles of buildings: dormitory-style residences and apartment-style residences….Residence Fees.

Residence Style Waterloo Campus Brantford Campus
Dorm (Single and Double) $6,601 – $8,276 N/A
Apartment: Single $7,523 – $9,299 $7,664
Apartment: Double Rooms currently converted to singles. $7,151

Is Bricker residence an apartment style?

Bricker Residence was opened in 1991, providing an alternative to our traditional double-rooms found in other residences. All rooms in Bricker are arranged in apartment-style fashion.

What are flex dollars Laurier?

These plans provide unlimited access to the Fresh Food Company (FFCo.), OneCard flex dollars to enjoy other on campus locations as well as guest passes for visitors. Apartment-style residence students are assigned a flex dollar declining balance meal plan.

How do I get my book from Laurier?

How to Get Your Books

  1. Visit
  2. Create an online account and run your custom booklist by using your MyLaurier email address and password.
  3. Order your books online and ship to your address or select the convenient in-store pick up option.

Is Laurier bookstore open?

Our hours are 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

What happens if Laurier fails to provide residential accommodation?

*While Laurier endeavours to honour its residence guarantee, the University will not be liable for any failure or delay in providing residential accommodation when such failure arises out of any cause or causes beyond its reasonable control. Learn more about our Residence Guarantee. Below are rough estimates of residence costs.

What is locus (Laurier off campus university students)?

You can still enjoy all the benefits that a residence community offers by joining LOCUS (Laurier Off-Campus University Students), which provides off-campus students with academic, social and personal support to ensure that you won’t miss out on Laurier’s on-campus experience.

What do I need to provide Wilfrid Laurier University for insurance?

Upon request by Wilfrid Laurier University, the student shall provide proof to Wilfrid Laurier University that such insurance is in full force and effect.

What insurance do I need as a student living in residence?

The student occupying a residence room/unit shall carry all risks property insurance for their own property and public liability/tenant’s legal liability insurance during the term of the residence agreement and any renewals or extensions thereof, at the student’s own expense.