Does the dove Mojo work?

the mojo works very well. I Had several customers bring, use, and brag on them so I bought one and some regular ones I rent out extra to my day dove lease hunters and they all like it. They work like a champ on the mourning dove. Whitewings just like to do their own thing for the most part in my experience.

How do you place a Mojo dove decoy?

Decoys don’t need to be positioned only on the ground. Place clip-on decoys in bare tree limbs and get them as high as possible. Line up a half a dozen dekes along a fence line or build a do-it-yourself dove tree. Understand that this doesn’t mean that the birds will land among the decoys.

What size batteries does a Mojo dove decoy?

MOJO has redesigned this decoy in the ALL NEW MOJO VOODOO DOVE (Puts the MAGIC on them). Redesigned with a larger, more realistic body in the correct landing position, now with magnetically connected wings (no more thumb screws). Operates up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included).

How many dove decoys do you need?

You should always have 8 to 10 of this type of decoys with you. I also use two different types of motorized decoys. One is the Mojo Dove. The Mojo Dove is a battery operated roto-wing decoy.

Can you use a dove mojo for duck hunting?

We use a mojo dove for teal. Very effective. We do not use one for big ducks, not that it wouldn’t work but the water is too deep unless some kind of pole extension is used. Our teal spot is different from where we hunt big ducks.

Can you use a duck spinner for doves?

Yep it works and the spinner teal works well for doves.

Will a Mojo Dove attract ducks?

Sure they will, not everytime but neuter does the mojo duck. works the same as any other mojo for ducks. a mojo could be shaped like a baby elephant and still work the same. Birds are attracted by the flash not the body.

Will a duck Mojo work for doves?

Will a teal Mojo work for doves?

Can you use a dove mojo for teal?

The Mojo doves work great on teal.

Can you use a dove spinner for ducks?