How accurate is Garmin vivo HR?

Accuracy. Walking around, the Garmin Vivomove HR reported acceptably accurate data for step counts. After a mile of walking, readings were in the range of 2,000 steps (which is not only the estimated average, but also about the average number I’ve recorded for myself using a manual click-counter).

What does Garmin vivo HR do?

Wrist-based Heart Rate Using heart rate, vívosmart HR provides calories burned information and quantifies the intensity of your fitness activities, providing better credit for your efforts. You can even use your vívosmart HR as a heart rate strap on your wrist when paired with other compatible Garmin devices.

How long do Garmin Vivomove HR watches last?

The Vivomove HR boasts solid battery life. I got about four days on a charge using smart features, but you can squeeze up to two weeks out of the device if you’re just using it as an analog watch, which is where it excels.

When was the Garmin Vivomove HR released?

November 2017
The vivomove HR is currently slated to release late November 2017 with two price tiers, vivomove HR ‘Sport’ (Available in Black or Rose Gold) with an RRP of $299.

Is Vivomove HR discontinued?

vívomove HR | Discontinued | Products | Garmin | Philippines | Home.

Does Garmin Vivomove HR have GPS?

Our Verdict The Garmin Vivomove HR is a fine looking hybrid smartwatch that is best at being a very subtle activity tracker. It lacks GPS, but makes up for it with clever design, a heart rate monitor and great battery life.

Is the Garmin VivoActive hr good for swimming?

Even if swimming is not your primary reason for using the Vivoactive HR, there’s plenty of data to tap into and it’s a solid performer in the water. Garmin has really nailed activity tracking, and it’s become a big feature of its current line-up of specialist sports watches.

Is the Vivomove HR the best fitness tracker for You?

If you view the Vivomove HR as a standard fitness tracker and not a running watch, it more than lives up to expectations in terms of the features it offers. It counts steps, distance, stairs, sleep, heart rate all day and night, and stress.

Should you buy the Garmin vivosmart?

But the Vivosmart has two notable advantages: it can display phone notifications (iPhone or Android), and it’s waterproof (in this case swim-and-shower water resistant). But those perks come at a price. The tracker is bulkier than the Charge HR and Jawbone Up3, and Garmin’s mobile app isn’t as refined.