How big are the waves in San Diego right now?

Current Surf Report for Mission Beach (San Diego) Current Conditions

Low 3:56AM -1.12ft
High 9:51AM 4.3ft
Low 3:24PM 1.05ft
High 9:21PM 6.66ft

How big are the waves in San Diego tomorrow?

TONIGHT Wind S 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 4 to 5 ft at 9 seconds and S 1 to 2 ft at 14 seconds.

How big are the waves in Pacific Beach today?

Current Surf Report for Pacific Beach Current Conditions

High 4:04AM 3.94ft
Low 11:56AM 0.36ft
High 6:47PM 3.94ft

How big are the waves in La Jolla tomorrow?

Current Surf Report for Scripps Pier/La Jolla Current Conditions

High 5:14AM 3.8ft
Low 12:08PM 0.26ft
High 6:58PM 4.17ft

What are the chances of a tsunami in San Diego?

Tsunamis in San Diego are rare, with only 11 happening in the last 100 years, and most of them coming from earthquakes that occur in Japan, Chile, or Alaska. But there have been four tsunamis in Southern California created by local earthquakes.

How big are the law Street Waves?

Law Street Surf Report Tuesday 12th April 2022

Wave height * 3ft / 1m
Swell period 7s
Swell direction
Wind 27mph / 43km/h
Weather 16°C / 61°F

How big are the waves Carlsbad?

Current Surf Report for Carlsbad Current Conditions

High 2:22AM 3.97ft
Low 10:43AM 0.43ft
High 6:35PM 3.44ft
Low 10:52PM 2.92ft

How big are the waves today at La Jolla Shores?

Good morning. Overlapping swells from the W and SW is producing surf in the 3-5+ ft range, with a dominant wave period of 9 seconds. As of 7:37 AM wind is moderate and cross/sideshore from the S (180) at 7 mph. A 3.7′ high tide at 3:54 AM is dropping to a 0.4′ low at 11:30 AM.

How big are the waves today in La Jolla?

Best Forecast Surf Conditions for La Jolla Shores this week:

Wave Type Time (PDT) & Date Wave Height & Period
Next good surf (1 star+) 5AM (Fri 15th Apr) 2.5ft (0.8m) 15s
Best Surf 5AM (Fri 15th Apr) 2.5ft (0.8m) 15s
Most Powerful 11PM (Mon 18th Apr) 3ft (0.9m) 17s

Can San Diego have a tsunami?

It may feel like there will never be a tsunami in San Diego, but this is untrue. San Diego has 70 miles of coastline that could be hit by a tsunami even after a distant earthquake. An earthquake doesn’t need to occur in California for a tsunami to hit the coast.

What is the wave height in San Diego?

Today the wave height in San Diego does not exceed 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) and it is sea suitable for swimming. In the coming days the sea will become rough. The table below provides detailed information about the sea conditions for the next 10 days by time of day.

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What do the arrows mean in the wind forecast for San Diego?

The arrows point in the direction in which the wind is blowing. Check the wind forecast for San Diego International Airport when you search for the best travel destinations for your kiteboarding, windsurfing or sailing vacations in United States of America.

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