How can I get overseas employment certificate in Abu Dhabi?

If you think you are qualified to avail the OEC exemption, you can now go to BM online processing system or log in or register to to set an appointment in POLO Abu Dhabi.

How do I get an overseas employment certificate in the Philippines?

Phase 2: Overseas Employment Certificate

  1. Request an appointment online through [email protected] for your OEC processing.
  2. Go to the POEA Office on your appointment schedule.
  3. Get a PDOS application and attend the two-hour seminar.
  4. Submit the requirements for the OEC application.
  5. Pay for the fees needed for OEC.

How can I get OWWA certificate in Abu Dhabi?

If you want to renew and apply for your OWWA membership while working (on your days off), you can go to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Abu Dhabi. Below is the procedure on how to book an appointment online. STEP 2: Click the “Labor and Services” portion and choose “Contract Verification” option.

How can I get OEC at airport?

Can I get an OEC at the airport? Only OFWs who are on an emergency leave of five days or less with confirmed flight booking can get an OEC on their departure date. If this is your case, get an OEC at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) at the NAIA, Cebu-Mactan, or Davao International Airport.

Who are exempted from OEC?

Not everyone is entitled to an OEC exemption. You have to be a returning OFW (also called Balik Manggagawa) with a valid work visa or work permit who meet all the following requirements: Returning to the same employer. Returning to the same job site.

How do I book an appointment for OWWA renewal Abu Dhabi?

Requirements for OWWA Membership/Renewal:

  1. Book for an appointment @
  2. Original Passport.
  3. Polo verified contract.
  4. Visa validity should be more than 90 days. and. OFW must be actively and continuously working.
  5. Personal Appearance only.
  6. Pay exact amount of 92 dirhams only.

How do I get a OWWA certificate?

How to Apply for OWWA Membership Online

  1. OWWA OFW Information Sheet – download and print the information sheet (also known as OWWA membership form) from the agency’s website (
  2. Copy of Passport (emphasis on the data page with photo)
  3. Employment Pass/Work Permit Card.
  4. Employment Contract.

What happens if you dont have OEC?

The OEC process is designed to offer protection to OFWs, ensuring that they are documented properly and leave the Philippines healthy and informed. If you don’t have your OEC and they ask for it at Philippine immigration, you might not be permitted to leave the country.