How can I learn stenography in English?

Read the Gregg Shorthand Fables to increase your reading speed and understanding of stenography. You will need to complete about half of the textbook before being able to decipher most of the symbols in the Fables. Take dictation daily to increase your writing speed. Choose a talk program on the radio.

Is stenography easy to learn?

First of all I will make it clear that learning Stenography is not an easy task. It requires extreme patience and hard working during the entire learning period. If you dedicate enough time ( only time ) to acquire the skill you can crack any exam within one and a half year time.

How do you write shorthand in English?

Use dots or dashes to represent vowels. This allows you to represent words in shorthand using the sound of the word, rather than how it is spelled. For example, to form the word “bat,” you would write the shorthand symbols for “b” and then place the symbol for “t” under the “b” symbol.

What is the syllabus for stenography?

The SSC Stenographer syllabus is divided into three subjects General Intelligence & Reasoning, English Language & Comprehension and General Knowledge.

How should I start preparing for stenographer?

SSC Stenographer 60 Days Study Plan: The Staff Selection Commission is going to release the official recruitment notification for the post of Stenographer in December 2022….SSC Stenographer Study Plan (Day-wise)

Days Subjects Contents to Prepare
Day 13 Mock Test Mini Mock 4 Mini Mock 5 Mini Mock 6 Daily Quizzes

Which pencil is best for shorthand?

Hexagonal Pencils. When you are starting out, the shape of the pencil might not seem important—but if you are ever in a situation where you’re doing shorthand for an hour or even a whole day, then you’ll quickly realize that the best shorthand pencil is around one.

What is the salary of SSC stenographer?

Ans. The basic pay of candidates who join as SSC Stenographer in Grade C is between 14000/ and 15000/ rupees per month.