How can I tell how old my Amana washer is?

Grab the first four digits from the serial number. The first two digits represent the year manufactured and the third and fourth digit represents the week. Use the example below for better understanding. If the first four digits of the serial number are 9912, the first two digits indicate the year.

How do I reset my top loader Amana washer?

How do I reset my Amana washing machine?

  1. Turn off the power to your Amana washer.
  2. Unplug the machine from the power outlet.
  3. Once the power shuts down, you have to press and hold the “Start or Pause” button for five seconds.
  4. Plugin the unit back. Now, your Amana washing machine has been reset.

Why is my Amana washer not starting?

Has the control been set correctly? Make sure the selector knob is completely lined up with a cycle selection before pushing the Start button. If the selector knob and cycle aren’t completely synced up, the cycle won’t start.

Does my Amana washer have a belt?

This belt is located under the washing machine and is used to drive the splutch pulley. It goes around the motor & splutch pulleys. Worn or broken drive belt can cause spin or washplate problems.

Is there a reset on an Amana washer?

To reset an Amana washer that won’t spin, turn the washing machine off and unplug it from the wall outlet. After 60 seconds, plug the washer back into the outlet. Within 30 seconds of plugging the washer back into the outlet, fully open and close the washer lid 6 times in a row.

How do I reset the lid lock on my Amana washer?

Front-Load “Fresh Hold” Cycle The lock is normal and intentional. However, if the front-load washer does not unlock at the end of the “fresh hold” washing cycle, unplug or disconnect the appliance from the power. Allow about two minutes for the control to reset.

Why did my washer just stopped working?

Some of the most common faults that will make your washer stop mid cycle include thermostat failure, problems filling up with water for the rinse cycle, or even pump problems that prevent your washer from draining. One thing that you can check yourself is the lid switch.

How do you check the belt on a washing machine?

Test using your washing machine to see if it works. Put a small load of laundry inside your washing machine and turn it onto a regular cycle. Listen for the drum spinning and motor running while you complete the load so you know the belt works properly.