How can you tell if they are real Oakleys?

The SKU on real genuine Oakley’s is featured on the inside of the temple arm and starts with OO. The OO is followed by a four-digit number which identifies the frame model. This is followed by a dash and more numbers to indicate the colourway and size, for example, 54o20 133.

How do I get 50% off Oakleys?

Get an Oakley voucher and sign up to MVP membership Qualify for an Oakley voucher simply by signing up for MVP membership. Enjoy other perks such as priority access to events and 50% off a new pair of eyewear if an old one breaks.

What is the employee discount at Oakley?

The 70% employee discount isn’t bad but I wish they would compensate us more as well as give us breaks since we’re on our feet all day.

How do I contact Oakley?

[email protected] / Customer service email
[email protected] Emails may not be received immediately. To make a change or cancellation to your order, please call Customer Care at (800) 403-7449 for immediate assistance.

Do real Oakleys say Made in China?

Originally, an identifying mark of genuine Oakleys was a “Made in USA” stamp etched onto the inside of the temple. But Luxottica bought Oakley in 2007, and the manufacturing of some eyewear components and finished products moved to other facilities in China and around the world.

Does Oakley give discount?

At Oakley, the savings are endless. Students and military service members can enjoy significant discounts from the performance gear company. Simply verify your ID while checking out to access a 15% Oakley student discount and a 45% Oakley military discount.

Do you have to pay for Oakley MVP?

Is Oakley MVP free? Yes, Oakley MVP is absolutely free to join. You’ll benefit from members only deals, 50% off replacement sunglasses, priority access to the latest products and events, and more as part of this loyalty program.

What is Oakleys student discount?

Oakley student discount for up to 50% off prescription lenses and clothing.