How can you tell if you have nerve damage in your foot?

Sharp, jabbing, throbbing or burning pain. Extreme sensitivity to touch. Pain during activities that shouldn’t cause pain, such as pain in your feet when putting weight on them or when they’re under a blanket. Lack of coordination and falling.

Where are the main nerves in the foot?

The medial calcaneal nerve is a sensory nerve that has a variable origin. Typically, the nerve arises from the tibial nerve, proximal to the tarsal tunnel (Fig 17) (1,19–21), 4–10 cm above the ankle joint. The nerve courses outside the tarsal tunnel toward the medial aspect of the heel and calcaneus (1).

What nerves are connected to the foot?


  • Medial plantar nerve (arises from the larger terminal branch of the tibial nerve) Digital nerves (arise from both the medial and lateral plantar nerves)
  • Lateral plantar nerve (arises from the smaller terminal branch of the tibial nerve)
  • Medial calcaneal nerve (typically arises from the tibial nerve)

What nerve goes to bottom of foot?

A large nerve called the tibial nerve crosses behind your ankle on the inside of your foot and around your heel pad and into your arch, to supply sensation to the bottom of your foot and toes.

Can nerve damage be repaired in the foot?

Surgery—If nonsurgical treatments do not relieve symptoms, your physician may recommend surgery to decompress the nerve and repair or remove the damaged area. Specialists perform many foot and ankle surgeries using minimally invasive techniques.

How do you treat nerve damage in the foot?

Medications—A variety of prescription medications can be used to alleviate neuropathy symptoms. Surgery—In more severe situations, surgery may be necessary to release swollen and compressed nerves. MLS Laser Therapy—This non-invasive therapy is the latest technology in neuropathy pain treatment.

How long does nerve damage in foot take to heal?

Nerves typically grow about an inch per month, and once the insulating cover is repaired, the nerve will usually begin to heal three or four weeks afterwards. A nerve injury in the ankle above the toes may take up to a year to return feeling to the toes.