How do I activate my Danske Bank MobilePay?

Now you just need to download and activate the app. Download the app by going to the App Store or Google Play and searching for “MobilePay Business”. You can also scan the QR code. Confirm your business’s name. You will receive an activation code in a text message.

How can I pay with MobilePay?

How to pay using MobilePay

  1. When purchasing from an online store, the customer enters the mobile phone number connected to the MobilePay application.
  2. The customer accepts the payment in the MobilePay application.
  3. The payment is charged to the card the customer linked to the MobilePay application.

How do I use MobilePay in Denmark?

If consumers wish to pay with MobilePay, they need to register their payment card(s) in the MobilePay app. Once this is done, they will be able to pay with MobilePay in apps, online shops, and POS.

Where is MobilePay available?

It is mainly used in Denmark, but also in Finland. MobilePay was also available in Norway, but shut down in January 2018 due to competition from Vipps. MobilePay is a member of the European Mobile Payment Systems Association. MobilePay is present in Denmark, Finland and Greenland.

How do I register for MobilePay?

Step 1 – Register Go to and log in with your credentials. Next you select your account > My Apps > Create new App to register a new application.

Is there a limit on MobilePay?

Online shopping using a payment card via MobilePay has no upper transaction limit. In other words, there is nothing stopping you from buying a washing machine, for example, online. Furthermore, it will be possible to link two payments cards to MobilePay.

How do I pay with my phone number?

Pay in a store

  1. Step 1: Wake up & unlock your phone. Turn on your phone screen, and then unlock your phone.
  2. Step 2: Hold the back of your phone close to the payment reader for a few seconds. When you’re done paying, a blue check mark will appear on the screen.
  3. Step 3: If prompted, follow the instructions on the screen.

Can I use my phone to pay contactless?

You can pay with Google Pay wherever you see either the contactless or Google Pay symbols. Look for them on the payment terminal screen or on the cash register at checkout. Learn more about major retailers that accept Google Pay. Important: To make contactless payments, turn on near field communication (NFC).

Do you need a Danish phone number for MobilePay?

MobilePay is available for everyone in Denmark 15 years old and above – whether or not they have an account with us. All you need to get started is a smartphone, a Danish mobile number, a Danish payment card and a Danish bank account.

What is MobilePay in Denmark?

MobilePay is the most popular digital wallet in Denmark and Finland with more than 5 million users. The solution covers all the users’ payment needs, including easy online payments. Users simply swipe and pay, no need for card or account details.

Does MobilePay require Internet?

However, an active internet connection is not required to make in-store purchases. Ideally, the device should connect to the internet once per day to ensure that Samsung Pay stays up to date.