How do I boot a Cisco router from ROMmon mode?

Core Issue. These are three ways the router can enter ROM Monitor (ROMmon) mode (rommon#>): Reload, initialize, or power cycle the router with the configuration register boot field set to 0. Reload, initialize, or power cycle the router without having a Cisco IOS Software image to boot from.

What is Confreg 0x2102?

The factory-default setting for the configuration register is 0x2102. This indicates that the router should attempt to load a Cisco IOS software image from Flash memory and load the startup configuration.

How do I boot from ROMmon mode IOS?

Copy a bootstrap program from ROM into the RAM, run the bootstrap program. The bootstrap program looks for the first IOS image on the flash memory, extracts it into RAM and boots the IOS image. When there is no IOS image, it will boot into ROMMON.

How do you get the switch in Rommon mode?

If the switch continuously reboots, press Control-C to prevent autoboot and to get into ROMmon mode.

How do I change the boot sequence in Rommon mode?

You cannot change the boot parameters but you can definitely upload a new image from tftp in rommon mode.

How do I access Rommon mode?

To manually boot into the ROMmon mode, you will need to reboot the device and break the boot sequence. Pressing the Ctrl+Break key combination during boot usually does this.

How do you enter ROMmon mode on a Cisco switch?

Which ROMMON software releases are supported in Catalyst 6500 and 7600 series?

MSFC3 ROMMON software release 12.2(14r)S8 and later releases are supported in Catalyst 6500 and Cisco 7600 series systems that are running either of the following: †Catalyst operating system on the Supervisor Engine 720 and Cisco IOS software on the MSFC3 †Cisco IOS software on the Supervisor Engine 720 and on the MSFC3 Contents

How do I boot the Cisco IOS XE image using ROMMON?

filesystem:/file-location command at the ROMmon prompt to boot the Cisco IOS XE image, where filesystem:/file-location is the path to the consolidated package file. The ROMmon upgrade is not permanent for any piece of hardware until the Cisco IOS XE image is booted.

How do I use the ROM monitor on my Cisco router?

If there is no Cisco IOS software image loaded on the router, the ROM monitor runs the router. To use the ROM monitor, you must be using a terminal or PC that is connected to the router over the console port. Perform these steps to configure the router to boot up in ROM monitor mode the next time it is rebooted.

What is the recommended ROMMON version for the supervisor engine 720?

Due to CSCeb69141, the recommended ROMMON release for systems running Cisco IOS on both the Supervisor Engine 720 and the MSFC3 is 12.2(14r)S9. To determine if you need to upgrade the ROMMON on your system, enter the show versioncommand to view the ROMMON version currently running on your system.