How do I contact Tio?

How to contact the TIO. The TIO has information on their website about how to make a complaint: You can also contact them by phone on 1800 062 058, email or in writing – This includes contact details for an interpreter and the National Relay Service.

What can tio do?

We provide a fair, independent, and accessible external dispute resolution service for individual consumers, occupiers and owners of property, small businesses and not-for-profits who have been unable to resolve their complaint with a phone or internet service provider.

How do I contact the Ombudsman of Australia?

By phone. Call: 1300 362 072 between 10:30am to 3:00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday. (Note: this is not a toll-free number and calls from mobile phones are charged at mobile phone rates).

How do I complain to Telstra?

You can also lodge your complaint in one of the following ways:

  1. Post your complaint letter to: Telstra Complaints. Locked Bag 20026. Melbourne VIC 3001.
  2. Contact us on 13 22 00 and say ‘complaints’

Where can I file a complaint against a telecom company?

Please lodge your complaint to the National Telecommunications Commission as the proper agency which has jurisdiction and can best handle such concern. Phone: (02)924.4464/921.3251. Email: [email protected]

How do I complain about a phone number?

1800-11-4000 OR 14404.

Who funds TIO?

The TIO was established nearly 25 years ago as a company limited by guarantee. It is funded by industry and governed by a Board that includes industry, consumer and independent directors.

How can I complain about telecom company?

As per the Telecom Consumers Protection and Redressal of Grievances Regulations, 2007, in case a consumer has a complaint, the first step is to register the complaint at the toll free Call Centre number of the service provider and obtain a docket number, confirming registration of the complaint.

Are ombudsman services free?

Ombudsmen are independent, free and impartial – so they don’t take sides. You should try and resolve your complaint with the organisation before you complain to an ombudsman.

How do I complain about a company in Australia?

There are three steps to follow when making a complaint, but the first step is always to contact the business to explain the problem and how you would like it fixed….

  1. Step 1 – Contact the seller or service provider.
  2. Step 2 – Contact the ACCC or another third party.
  3. Step 3 – Take legal action.