How do I copy a row based on a condition in Excel?

(1) Check the Specific column option, and click the below drop-down list and specify the column that you will copy rows based on; (2) Click the Rules box and specify the Values of Column from the drop down list; 3. Click the Ok button.

How do I copy a row based on a cell value?

Method 2: copy an entire row to another sheet based on cell value with VBA code.

  1. Press the Alt + F11 keys simultaneously to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications editor window.
  2. In the VBA window, click on the Insert tab and select Module.
  3. In the code window, copy and paste your macro code.

How do you duplicate rows in Excel based on cell value?

Duplicate rows based on cell value in column

  1. Select the Copy and insert rows option in the Type section;
  2. Select the range you will duplicate the rows in the Insert Range box;
  3. Select the column range that you want to duplicate rows based on in the Repeat Times box;
  4. Click the OK or Apply button. See screenshot:

How do I automatically copy an entire row to another worksheet based on cell value in Google Sheets?

In the Select Specific Cells dialog box, please select an Entire row from the Selection type, and then choose Equals from the Specific type drop down, and enter the specific text “Complete” into the text box, see screenshot: 3.

How do I copy a row if a cell contains text?

Use the shortcut CTRL C to copy the data (this will copy visible records only) Navigate to the worksheet that you want to copy the records to. Click in the cell that you want to paste your records into. Use the shortcut CTRL V or ENTER to paste the copied records.

How do you copy a row in Excel with formulas?

Click Home > Cut (or press Ctrl + X). Select the cell you want the formula to be in, and then click Paste (or press Ctrl + V). Verify that the cell references are still what you want. Tip: You can also right-click the cells to cut and paste the formula.

How do you repeat rows a specified number of times based on another column in Excel?

In the popping dialog, choose Copy and insert rows option in the Type section, then choose the range that you want to repeat to Insert Range textbox, and choose the column that decides the repeat times to the Repeat Times textbox. Click Ok. Then the rows will be repeated by the selected column.

Can I create an auto copy row to another sheet?

right-click link and choose “Open link in another tab”. A page will show where you click a button to “Make a copy. To see the script go to Tools > Script editor. There is no need to “Run – ►” the script as it uses an onEdit function to automatically run when you start checking boxes.

How do I auto populate data in Excel based on another cell?

Anyone who has used Excel for some time knows how to use the autofill feature to autofill an Excel cell based on another. You simply click and hold your mouse in the lower right corner of the cell, and drag it down to apply the formula in that cell to every cell beneath it (similar to copying formulas in Excel).