How do I find an inmate in prison in Alabama?

Alabama Inmate Search

  1. Department Name. Alabama Department of Corrections.
  4. 301 S. Ripley Street, P.O. Box 301501, Montgomery, AL.
  5. 334-353-3883.

Who is over the prisons in Alabama?

Governor Kay Ivey appointed John Q. Hamm as commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) on January 1, 2022. Commissioner Hamm brings more than 35 years of law enforcement experience into his role as commissioner of the ADOC which is the state’s largest law enforcement agency.

How many penitentiaries are in Alabama?

Alabama houses two federal prisons and three federal prison camps.

How long is a life sentence in Al?

A life sentence in Alabama can range from 10-99 years. This means for first-time offenders, life in prison for a Class A Felony will often mean 15-20 years minimum. What is this? For second-time felony offenders previously sentenced, the minimum sentence is often bumped up into the next felony class.

How do I search for an inmate in Alabama?

Alabama Therapeutic Education Facility (Columbiana,Alabama) – five inmates

  • Birmingham Women’s Community-Based Facility/Community Work Center (Birmingham,Alabama) – one inmate
  • Bullock Correctional Facility (Union Springs,Alabama) – three inmates
  • Draper Quarantine Intake Facility (Elmore,Alabama) – 25 inmates
  • How do you locate a prison inmate?

    – Alabama Department of Corrections 301 South Ripley Street P.O. Box 301501 Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1501 – [email protected] – 1-855-WE-R-ADOC (Toll Free Number)

    How do you look up a prison inmate?

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    What is the worst prison in Alabama?

    Alabama Has Nation’s Most Violent Prisons, and They’re Getting Worse. Cedric Jerome Robinson, 33, was killed at Bibb County Correctional Facility in Brent, Alabama, on September 8. He was serving a six-year sentence for fraudulent use of a credit card and possession of a forged instrument, and was to be released in February 2018.