How do I find Army correspondence courses?

Military correspondence courses and computer-based training, is provided through ATRRS Self-development or Army e-Learning ( Soldiers can browse all courses available for self-enrollment by selecting one school code at a time using the Advanced Search option.

How do you get Army Correspondence hours?

Computer-Based Training You earn one point per five hours of Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) training. You must have completed the entire course. You don’t get points for training that is duplicated with both a resident course and a correspondence or computer-based course.

How long does it take for correspondence courses to update on ERB?

approximately 15 days
Once they are posted to the ATRRS transcript, they are supposed to automatically be updated on your ERB within approximately 15 days from being posted to the ATRRS transcript. Sometimes it can take longer than that. To access the courses in Army e-Learning you will need to register for the program.

Are Army correspondence courses mandatory?

Only you can decide. There are benefits to numerous correspondence courses but only you can decide if you want to take them if they are not required for your MOS and/or certification.

What is the max points for correspondence course hours?

One place says you can earn up to 200 promotion points from military education/ correspondence courses and another says the max correspondence courses points you can get is 78 for Sgt and 84 for Ssg.

What is the max points for correspondence courses?

Points for Correspondence Courses and Military Education As such, a maximum of 40% of the points a Soldier can potentially earn are applied to the NCOES element within the military education category (104 maximum points for Soldiers competing for SGT and 112 maximum points for Soldier competing for SSG).

Is correspondence same as distance education?

The key difference between distance learning and correspondence is that in distance learning, the course materials and the course content are provided to the students by teachers, whereas in correspondence learning, course materials are mailed to the students via post or the internet, and they are supposed to do self- …

Are correspondence courses on Jko?

No! On JKO, there is an option in the catalog to select courses that are worth DL points (see attached photo).