How do I get audio to play through HDMI?

Follow steps below to set the HDMI device as Default Device:

  1. Right-click on the sound volume icon in the lower right corner of Windows. A context menu will pop up.
  2. Click Playback devices.
  3. In the Playback tab, select Digital Output Device or HDMI option. Click Set Default and click OK.

Does Alienware 17 have HDMI input?

Does Alienware M17 Have Hdmi Input? Video and audio output can be accessed through one HDMI port. Input a TV or another HDMI-enabled device. Video and audio output is provided as well.

How do you get Sound through HDMI on Dell laptop?

Click Start, and then click Settings (gear icon). Click System. On the left menu, click Sound. Under choose your output device, select the audio device that you want to use.

Does Alienware have HDMI input?

Best answer: Should you wish to hook up your new gaming laptop to a monitor, you’re in luck with the Dell Alienware m15. Not only does this laptop have an HDMI 2.0 port, but also Thunderbolt and DisplayPort as well.

Do Gaming laptops have HDMI input?

Are There Any Gaming Laptops that Have HDMI-in? There are a handful of laptops that do have an extra HDMI port for HDMI input, such as; Alienware M17x, M18x, R4, and 18.

Why is there no audio coming from my monitor?

If you’re missing the monitor speaker in the list, go to Device Manager in Control Panel. Uninstall and install the device again and check whether the audio input and output are recognized by the audio device. Also, make sure the computer sound card driver is properly installed and activated.

Does Alienware monitor have speakers?

The majority of Alienware monitors are not equipped with speakers, currently only its 55 OLED GAMING MONITOR AW5520QF features built-in speakers.

How do I get my computer sound to play through my TV?

To output audio to the TV, connect the composite audio output on the computer to the composite audio input on the TV. On a notebook computer, connect the headphones jack to the composite audio input on the TV. Be sure to use the audio input on the TV that is adjacent to the HDMI connection.