How do I get my EASA pilot license?

In order for you to be eligible for the EASA Conversion Career Program you need to have a valid ICAO CPL and the following:

  1. 150 hours total time.
  2. 80 hours of dual instruction.
  3. 70 hours PIC if you did your training as a part of an integrated program or 100 hours PIC if you did your training as a part of a modular program.

Is the PPL test hard?

Is the private pilot written test hard? It can be, but more than 90% of students pass it every year, so it’s not too hard.

How long does it take to study for PPL exam?

Ground school is where you learn all the theory required to pass the knowledge test that is required to get your PPL. You can expect to study for 40 hours before you are ready to take the written knowledge test.

Can I fly in Europe with a PPL?

As long as you don’t live in Europe, Part-FCL (with its derogations) currently allows you to use an ICAO PPL (eg. FAA PPL) to fly planes registered in Europe.

How many exams are there for pilot?

There are three main Aviation Exams in India namely Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) Entrance Test, Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Exam (AME CET).

What is the hardest PPL exam?

The Navigation exam consists of 12 multiple choice questions to be completed in 45 minutes and is possibly the most difficult exam in the course. As the pass mark is 75% it also means you have to get at least 9 questions right.

How fast can you finish PPL?

PPL Course Duration By making pilot training their top priority, they are able to complete within a 3-month period. Part-time students that are working or enrolled in school may take longer. As a result, they typically find that their PPL takes 4-6 months to finish based on their available schedules.

How do you study for a PPL exam?

10 Tips for the PPL Written Exams.

  1. Give yourself plenty of study time.
  2. Go for Air Law first.
  3. Explain/teach the answers to others.
  4. Organise study groups with other student pilots.
  5. Take Regular breaks whilst studying.
  6. Sleep well on the night before the PPL written tests.
  7. Read the question very carefully.
  8. Eat brain food.