How do I get the iron pot in Oracle of Seasons?

Link can obtain this pot after he has acquired the Ghastly Doll from Maple. He can then take the doll to a small house in the Holodrum Plain. Inside, Mrs. Ruul, the wife of Mayor Ruul, can be found saying that it’s so hot; hot enough that not even her famed Soothing Pool can cool her down.

Who do you give the megaphone to Oracle of Seasons?

Go into the cave entrance and wake the sleeping guy inside with your Megaphone. This is Talon. He’ll give you a Mushroom.

How do I get to the Subrosian Chef?

The Subrosian Chef can be found standing right in front of the pool of lava. This location plays a part in the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence.

How do you heat Biggoron?

Goron Vase Biggoron is feeling a little sick, as it is so cold. He asks Link for something to warm him up, and the Lava Soup is a perfect fit. After drinking the soup, Biggoron is warmed up.

How do you get the Noble Sword in Oracle of Seasons?

The Noble Sword in Oracle of Seasons In Oracle of Seasons, the Noble Sword is also earned by completing the Trading Quest. If Link plays the Phonograph for the Business Scrub in the Lost Woods, he will give Link instructions on how to find the Noble Sword in the Lost Woods.

How do I get the bomb flower in Oracle of Seasons?

In order to reach it, however, Link must go all the way around the escarpment. Using Roc’s Feather, he traverses the lake by jumping from one patch of high ground to the next, until he reaches the wider patc where the Bomb Flower grows.

How do I get the Master Sword in Oracle of Seasons?

If Link has already obtained the Noble Sword through the Trading Quest, he will receive the Master Sword upon telling the secret. Alternatively, if Link has already earned the Noble Sword via the secret password, when he brings the Broken Sword to Patch, he will receive the Master Sword instead.

How do I get Biggoron’s sword in Oracle of Seasons?

It can only be acquired in a Linked Game by using passwords. The Biggoron’s Sword is obtained from the Goron Elder who resides at the Goron Shooting Gallery, after telling him the Elder Secret and scoring 300 points at the Shooting Gallery.

Can you get the Master Sword in Oracle of Seasons?

How do you get the first sword in Oracle of Seasons?

Link uses may different swords throughout his quest, and they are his primary weapon. The wooden sword is the first sword Link gets, and he receives it before Dungeon 1: Spirit’s Grave. The Biggoron’s Sword is next, and you can only get it through linking.

Where is Eyeglass Lake in Oracle of Seasons?

central Holodrum
Eyeglass Lake is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This body of water, located near central Holodrum, is found west of the Woods of Winter and south of the Unicorn’s Cave, the fifth dungeon.

How do I get to eyeglass Lake?

Go to the tree stump that is north and east from the cat in the tree. Use the Rod of Seasons to turn it to Autumn. Go south, jump over the holes, and swim east. Get on dry land and go north twice, then east.

How do you use the rod of seasons in Zelda?

The Rod of Seasons is found in Subrosia at the Temple of Seasons. The rod of seasons has the power to change the season. There must be a tree for Link to stand on before he can change the season. Link must get the different spells that he can cast with the Rod in order to change the season.

What are the items found in Oracle of seasons?

This is a list of items found in Oracle of Seasons . The Wooden Sword is found in Hero’s Cave. The Wooden Sword is the first sword that can be obtained and is the weakest of the swords.

What do you do with Ember seeds in Horon Village?

Ember seeds can be used to burn down trees, kill enemies, or light rooms and torches. Mystery Seeds are found in the Eastern Suburbs of Horon Village. The Mystery Seeds can activate any of the Owl statues.