How do I listen to Sirius online?

Listen to SiriusXM On the Go Most SiriusXM plans include the ability to stream with the SXM App. So, you can tap into all kinds of music, plus sports, news, and talk where and when you choose. Sign up now. If you’re already a subscriber, set up your listening credentials.

Can you listen to SiriusXM online for free?

Sirius said anyone who’s not already a SiriusXM subscriber can download the SiriusXM app or go to, and start listening free of charge, with no credit card or commitment required.

Can I listen to Sirius at home?

Listen on the SiriusXM Sound Station This is our flagship radio for listening at home. Enjoy the widest variety of ad-free music, lots of talk entertainment, and our ever-growing library of on-demand shows.

How do I listen to Sirius on my desktop?

For an existing radio: Go to > Manage My Account > Sign In > Register Now > enter your information. For a new account: > Try Sirius XM > Free Trial: On the SXM App > enter your information.

Can I use my car Sirius subscription on multiple devices?

Can I get multiple logins for online listening? SiriusXM Streaming is limited to just one login at a time, per subscription.

Can I use my car SiriusXM subscription on my phone?

Then be sure to set your car presets according to your vehicle owner’s manual. You can also play SiriusXM on your mobile phone, computer, TV, and connected devices—such as those enabled by Amazon Alexa. It’s free and part of your trial subscription. To start listening on your devices, all you need is a SiriusXM login.

How many devices can I connect to my SiriusXM account?

SiriusXM Streaming is limited to just one login at a time, per subscription. If another member of your household is sharing your login and you both like to listen often, you may want to consider adding another subscription.