How do I refill my Xstamper N30?

Insert tip of cartridge into hole and gently squeeze all the ink into stamp. Replace screw cap and tighten. Remove the handle and place drops of ink into the opening. N06, N30, N32, N60 & Specialty Stamp – 1 to 2 drops, N62 – 2 to 3 drops of ink.

Can Xstamper be refilled?

Xstamper Refill ink come in sizes of 10ml, 20ml & 60ml or ink Cartridges for smaller stamps. This ink is for your Pre-Inked Xstamper or XstamperVX stamps only. You can also get ink refill for your Secure Stamp as well with our Secure Stamp Refill Ink.

How do you use Xstamper?

To use an Xstamper gently press the handle against the paper. Unlike conventional stamps, a hard strike or rocking motion is not necessary. A light press to the stamping surface will ensure the highest quality impression. Allow a few seconds between stamping for maximum ink flow.

How do you Reink a Xstamper 8104?

Re-Inking Instructions: on the right side of stamp (stamp facing you) unscrew silver screw at bottom of stamp. You will remove the small screw to expose the “inkwell” place 3 to 4 drops of ink into the inkwell and replace screw back into the stamp.

Who makes Xstamper?

Shachihata, Inc.
Shachihata will provide customers with extra-value, in addition to superior products and technology. Our relentless product development assures an expanding range of products and conveniences for years to come. Headquarters: Shachihata, Inc.

How do you clean a self inking rubber stamp?

Put some water or cleaner on the toothbrush (not a lot, you don’t want a mess). Gently rub the plate and bands with the toothbrush to wipe away the dirt. Wipe the surface of the stamp with rag. Press the stamp on to the absorbent paper to get the water or cleaner off the plate.

How long do rubber stamps last?

Our stamps are made from high-grade rubber. If used correctly and cared for a Rubber Stamp should last a lifetime.