How do I restore my vintage print?

  1. Brush the lithograph to remove surface dirt. Use a brush with very soft bristles to gently sweep the front and back of the print.
  2. Use a gum eraser to remove stains. Gently rub the gum eraser across the stains in one direction.
  3. Bleach the print.
  4. Glue the tears back together.
  5. Remove creases with weight.

Can you restore antique maps?

Geographicus Antique Maps is proud to offer a full range of conservation services. We can flatten, repair, back, clean, preserve and generally stabilize your treasured antique maps and prints. Good restoration only increases the value of your artwork.

Can a print be restored?

How Do You Restore Old Prints? Use a paper cutter to snip a small piece of paper (to cover tears or rips) and glue it to the back of the art print. The print can be restored to its original state once dry by gluing this piece of paper to the back of the two sides.

How do I restore foxing prints?

Foxing can be treated well without compromising the paper support or pigments. To a certain extent, it can be treated by utilising specific washing treatments which flush out the polluted acidic elements on the paper. However, usually to remove foxing completely you need to use a conservation standard bleaching agent.

How do you make a large map frame?

To add a frame to your map:

  1. Measure the sides of your map and cut corner molding accordingly.
  2. Paint the trim.
  3. Use Gorilla Glue or an epoxy to attach the frame pieces to your map.
  4. Use painter’s tape to hold the corner molding in place until the glue dries.

What makes an old map valuable?

Value is typically a function of uniqueness, desirability, rarity, age, map size, cartographer, artistic impression, which includes coloration; and condition. The first map to capture a specific geography is likely to be more valuable than a later rendering of the same area.

Are the old maps I sell genuine antiques?

Also, all the old prints and maps I sell are genuine antiques, produced at or near the date stated by one of the traditional printing processes. These are not modern copies.

How can I reuse or recycle old maps?

Cool Map Shoes Do a shoe makeover with some mod podge and old maps. First, make sure you have clean canvass shoes to work on and a light paper map to work with. Apply decoupage on your shoes and finish with several coats of water sealer if you need to. This is indeed a cool way to reuse old maps.

Can old pictures be reframed?

I get a lot of customers bringing in their old pictures to be reframed. It stands to reason that houses are repainted and redecorated over the years and old framed pictures don’t fit in with the new décor.

What happens to old maps?

Anything printed on paper is subject to mishandling and improper storage, and old maps are no exception. Over time, paper can become stained, frayed or torn at outer edges and weakened at folds if it was originally a part of a book or an atlas.