How do I run Conky on Ubuntu?

In Ubuntu/Gnome Shell Press Alt+F2 to bring up the Run dialog. Type gnome-session-properties. Click the “Add” button. In the resulting dialog box give the name as “Conky” and the command as conky.

How do you use Conky Manager 2?

Start and use Conky Manager 2: Once installed, search for and launch Conky Manager app from the activities overview screen (or from start menu depends on your DE). When the app opens, choose a widget or theme will show the preview in the bottom. Click on the ‘triangle’ icon will start the selected widget or theme.

Where is Conkyrc?

The default config file is located in /etc/conky directory. Conky actually relies on the config file . conkyrc located in the home directory. If there is no such file in the system, it uses the /etc/conky/conky.

What is Linux Conky?

Conky is a free software desktop system monitor for the X Window System. It is available for Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.

How do I run Conky on terminal?


  1. Open up a terminal window ([Ctrl]+[Alt]+[t] does the trick nicely)
  2. Issue the command sudo apt-get install conky-all.
  3. Type your sudo password and hit Enter.
  4. When prompted, accepted the installation by typing y.
  5. Allow the installation to complete.

How do I autostart my Conky?

Put the file in your home directory (the directory with your username). Next go to Session and Startup and the tab Application Autostart , create a new entry with Add and fill in a name and a discription and the path to . conky_startup. Than reboot and conky should start.

Does Conky work on Gnome?

With the . conkyrc file in place, run Conky with the command conky. Because I’m demonstrating on GNOME, you can hit the key combination [Alt]+[F2] and then enter conky in the run dialog. Conky will start up with the currently installed Theme (Figure 2).