How do I start Lei Shen?

Start the encounter by having the tanks charge at Lei Shen from the center of the platform, with the rest of the group following behind, though not stacked on top of one another. Save Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp for stage three.

Who is RA den?

Ra-den (also known as Highkeeper Ra) is the thirteenth boss in Throne of Thunder, Ra is a Titanic watcher who is watching over Pandaria and wields power of lightning.

How to defeat Lei Shen wow?

Just stay away from the edge. You don’t actually need to tank him near the pillars, all his damage will only tickle you so you’re in no danger. If you always keep the fight near the center then you’ll never fall off. Just stay away from the edge.

How do you solo heroic Lei Shen?

In order to fight Lei Shen in Heroic mode, you must have defeated all previous bosses on Heroic. If the raid leader switched difficulties part way through, you will need to switch back to Normal mode to see Lei Shen on the platform.

Who voiced Lei Shen?

Lei Shen was voiced by Paul Nakauchi.

What mounts drop in Throne of Thunder?

Throne of Thunder Mounts

  • Armored Skyscreamer is awarded on completion of Glory of the Thundering Raider.
  • Clutch of Ji-kun Clutch of Ji-kun is a lucky drop from the Ji-kun boss.
  • Spawn of Horridon is a lucky drop from the Horridon boss.

How did Lei Shen defeat Ra-den?

Kosak tweeted about this months ago, Ra-den was seemingly very weakened when Lei Shen found him. Most likely has something to do with the thing that he was called the “Sleeping Keeper”. Lei Shen heroically smothered Ra-den in his sleep. Lei Shen heroically smothered Ra-den in his sleep.

Is RA-den dead?

“Ra-den” redirects here….

Status Deceased (lore) Killable Defeatable

Can Lei Shen be soloed?

Easy soloed in Heroic as a 120 prot paladin, just set your talents to have 2 charges of Divine Steed (Cavalier) and you’re good to go. When Lei Shen casts Helm of Command just counter it with your Divine Steed, it’s more than enough to outrun the push towards the edge of the platform.