How do I watch KOMO 4 News Live?

How to Stream KOMO (ABC 4) Live without Cable

  1. Watch KOMO – Seattle-Tacoma, WA. We recommend fuboTV for most viewers in the Seattle-Tacoma, WA area. You’ll be able to watch KOMO (ABC 4) and 27 of the Top 35 Cable channels.
  2. Seattle-Tacoma, WA – Affiliates.
  3. Nearby Markets.
  4. TV Everywhere App.

What happened to KOMO news radio station?

As required by the terms of the sale, KOMO’s call sign was changed to KNWN (for “Northwest News”) on February 2, 2022. The KNWN call sign is solely used for hourly station identifications, with the station primarily branding itself as “Northwest News Radio”.

What channel is ABC in Seattle?

channel 4
KOMO-TV (channel 4) is a television station in Seattle, Washington, United States, affiliated with ABC….KOMO-TV.

Seattle–Tacoma, Washington United States
Channels Digital: 30 (UHF) Virtual: 4
Branding KOMO 4; KOMO News
Affiliations 4.1: ABC (since 1958, secondary until 1959) 4.2: Comet 4.3: Charge! 51.1: Univision

What channel is KOMO news on the radio?

KOMO – News Radio 1000 AM.

What channel is ABC in Washington state?

Stations for Seattle, Washington

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
04-1 30.3 ABC
04-2 30.4 Comet TV
04-3 30.5 Charge!

How do I stream KCPQ 13?

You can stream KCPQ (FOX affiliate) with Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, fuboTV and YouTube TV.

How many hours of newscasts does Komo have?

At present KOMO-TV broadcasts forty-five hours of locally produced newscasts every week with seven hours on weekdays and five hours each on weekends. For the last thirty years, KOMO contested directly with KING-TV for the first position in the Seattle news ratings. Continuously, KOMO places on a top place among the local newscasts in the market.

What is project Seattle on KOMO?

KOMO 4 covers local breaking news and weather forecasts. Also, it telecasts sports, entertainment, and traffic news. Mainly from Seattle and Western Washington. Project Seattle is an initiative of KOMO News for homeless people. In this project, they highlight the troubles of homeless people.

What did KOMO AM do in 1988?

KOMO AM won the national Golden Mike Award in 1988 for personifying the high standards of the broadcast industry. KOMO TV becomes the first television channel in Washington to offer closed-captioned local newscasts. The TV channel also won the International Radio Festival of New York Award in 1990.

Who is Dan Lewis KOMO 4?

Dan Lewis is working as the special projects reporter at KOMO 4. Similarly, Eric Johnson and Shannon O’Donnell are big names for serving as anchors and chief meteorologists, respectively. The experienced weather team used different techniques and the latest equipment to predict the weather of Seattle.