How do you create a field report in geology?

Front matter for a geological report generally includes: A “Title Page,” listing the title, author and date. An “Abstract,” approximately 100 words about your key topic, your approach to the topic, results and conclusions. A “Table of Contents,” if your document is 10 pages or longer.

What is field work in geology?

As the term implies, field geology means Field work, geology as practiced by direct observation of outcrops, exposures, landscapes, and drill cores. Those engaged in field geology investigate rocks and rock materials in their natural environment.

How do you write a field report example?

6 Key Points to Consider While Writing a Field Study Report

  1. Define the Objective of Your Field Report.
  2. Construct a Theoretical Framework.
  3. Record Study Observations and Analysis.
  4. Include Photo Evidence of Observed Items.
  5. Record Overall Assessment and Recommendations.
  6. Validate the Observations with a Signature.

What is geological field mapping?

Geological field mapping is the process of selecting an area of interest and identifying all the geological aspects of that area with the purpose of preparing a detailed geological report and a map to summarize the report.

What are the types of field work?

Below we will go more into depth with several fieldwork methods that are used.

  • Observational Methods.
  • Participant Observation.
  • Non-Participant Observation.
  • Ethnographic Method.
  • Comparative Method.
  • Reflexivity.
  • Intersubjectivity.
  • Triangulation Method.

What are the objectives of field work in geology?

Geological field work is important to understand rocks in their natural environment and their natural relationship to one another. It seeks to describe and explain the surface feature and underground structure of the lithosphere based upon observations and inferences.

How do you write a geological description?

The general process for writing rock descriptions is to start off with a general description (general colour, grain size, texture..) , followed by identification of the minerals within the rock (the mineral assemblage), the name of the rock (deduced from the assemblage) and then finally your best guess on how and where …

How do you write a field report in geography?

Writing up a fieldwork report

  1. Introduction – to the fieldwork and study site.
  2. Methodology – describe and justify the way that the data was collected.
  3. Data presentation – raw data tables are difficult to interpret and so data must be presented in different ways.

What is the purpose of geological field work report writing?

Aims of study: The geological field work report writing is an essential requirement for BS degree in geology. The main purposes of our field trip are:  Different rock identification.  Regional exposed geology of the area.  Practical work.  Mapping the area. 7. 7 2: Geological Map of the Study Area 9. 9 Karakoramblock (Eurasian plate)

What are the components of geology fieldwork?

The production of a field notebook with notes (such as strikes and dips) observations, interpretations, field sketches and interpretative diagrams. A hand-drawn field map of an area. A digitised version of the field map on geographical information software or a drawing software package. Geological cross-sections (usually hand-drawn).

What is the sample geology Feild report prepared by IOE?

It is a sample geology feild report prepared by IOE, Pulchowk 070 batch in forth semester. 1. Objective 2. Methodology 3. Description of the instruments used in the field 1. Introduction to mass movement 2. Types of mass movement II. Landslide III. Debris Flow 4. Mitigation measure of landslide 1. Introduction 2. Rock Type 3. Weathering 4.

What are the different types of geological reports?

Professional geological engineers write reports about observations and investigations. Students can also demonstrate their findings about an experiment or field survey. Geological reports include front matter, a body and end matter. Whether you are a professional or a student, you can write your own geological report and discuss your findings.