How do you discuss research?

Experimental studies

  1. Present results in tables and figures.
  2. Use text to introduce tables and figures and guide the reader through key results.
  3. Point out differences and relationships, and provide information about them.
  4. Include negative results (then try to explain them in the Discussion section/chapter)

How do you write a research paper in 10 minutes?

  1. Structure of a 10-minute. Oral Scientific Presentation.
  2. • Title. • Background. • Methods.
  3. Title Slide (10-15 sec)
  4. • Title should include.
  5. – Subject. – Location. – Time period.
  6. • Your name. • Your affiliation. • Appropriate logos.
  7. Advanced Meds 490 Oral Presentations.
  8. USC undergraduate student. KSOM, Department of Life. Mentor: Dr.

What are good topics for a PowerPoint presentation?

Topic Suggestions For Students:

  • Global Warming.
  • Academic Freedom.
  • Human Capital.
  • Life as a nomad.
  • Green House Effect.
  • Global Technology.
  • Online Education.
  • Classroom of the future.

How many slides do you need for a 3 minute presentation?

Sort Of. There are so many rules out there that you’ve probably heard of. “Only use five slides.” “Keep it to one slide for every three minutes.”

What is the best topic to do presentation?

Education Presentation Topic Ideas

  • What is dyslexia?
  • What is the Pythagorean theorem?
  • Is a college education worth it?
  • Is reading better on Kindles or paper books?
  • What is worldschooling?
  • What is unschooling?
  • Why are teachers underpaid?
  • What is sociology?

How do you say no presentation?

Presentation Transcript Refusal Strategies • SAY NO IN A FIRM VOICE • Do this calmly and clearly. Use expressions such as “I’d rather not.” Refusal Strategies • EXPLAIN WHY • State your feelings. Tell the other person that the suggested activity or behavior goes against your values or beliefs.