How do you fill out a SSA 89?

To complete a SSA-89, you need to provide the following information:

  1. Name.
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Social security number.
  4. Explanation of reason for releasing information.
  5. Reason(s) for using CBSV: mortgage service, banking service, background check, license requirement, credit check, other.
  6. Company name.
  7. Company address.

Why would someone need to fill out a SSA 89?

Form SSA-89 allows you to prove that you’re being truthful about your identity and SSN. While this level of proof is likely superfluous in most situations, some financial institutions and other companies like to be extra careful when doing business.

What is SSA 89 form used for background check?

The SSA 89 form is an authorization for the Social Security Administration to release your social security information. It authorizes the administration to verify whether or not your name and the social security number you provide to a lender match the information that is in their records.

What is an SSA 89 form PDF?

Form SSA-89 (12-2020) Discontinue Prior Editions. Social Security Administration. Authorization for the Social Security Administration (SSA) To Release Social Security Number (SSN) Verification.

How long does it take to process SSA 89?

10 – 40 minutes.

Can SSA 89 be electronically signed?

This statement must have the SSN holder’s printed signature, and be attached to the consent (SSA-89) form. This must be a physical (wet) signature. Electronic signatures are not acceptable.

How long does SSA 89 take to process?

Is form SSA 89 required for mortgage?

A lender may use an SSA 89 form in order to prevent identity fraud. Filling out this form is not a requirement to get a loan at all lenders. The government does not require lenders to complete this verification. The SSA 89 form must be completed by a person who wants to borrow money.

Does SSA 89 have to be wet signed?

A hand-printed signature is acceptable if the Social Security number holder furnishes a statement indicating that it is his/her usual signature. This statement must have the SSN holder’s printed signature, and be attached to the consent (SSA-89) form. This must be a physical (wet) signature.

Is Form SSA 89 required for mortgage?

What is a SS89 form?

Borrower’s Considerations. Complete all Personal Details: Complete the name,date of birth,SSN,address,and personal phone.

  • Lender’s Considerations. Comparison with Loan Application: Verify that the name,address,date of birth,SSN on the SSA-89 is same as the loan application.
  • Document Summary.
  • Sample Documents
  • What is SSA authorization?

    – Signature – Date – Address – Phone number – Indication if not signed by subject of disclosure and specify basis for authority to sign

    How to apply for replacement SS card?

    – Log in to your personal my Social Security account. – Select “Replace your Social Security Card”. – Answer the screening questions to confirm eligibility. – Enter personal information such as name, SSN, date of birth, address, and state driver’s license or ID information.

    How do you apply for lost SS card?

    Obtain the SS-5 from the Social Security Administration

  • Fill it in correctly
  • Collect the proper documents
  • Bring the documents to the office and file for your new card