How do you get from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport?

The fastest way of getting between Narita and Haneda, which is fully covered by the JR Pass, is to take the Narita Express (also known as N’Ex), followed by short journeys on the Yamanote line and the Tokyo Monorail. The whole journey takes around 1 hour 55 minutes when you factor in layovers.

Is it easy to transfer from Haneda to Narita?

As you can see above, even if everything goes smooth, getting between Tokyo Haneda and Narita airports takes at least an hour. More realistically, however, accounting for any potential delays and congestions, you should calculate with at least two hours of transfer time between the two airports.

How much is a taxi from Narita to Haneda airport?

5 Options to Most Easily Transfer from Narita to Haneda

No. Transfer Description Cost for 2 adults and 2 children ($US) (estimate)
4a Taxi (up to 4-5 passengers) $225 or up to $290 between 10pm and 5am
4b Uber (up to 6 passengers) $255
5 Narita Express $105

Is there a free shuttle from Haneda to Narita?

Convenient ways to get to Narita are by train (shared services for the Keikyu Line, Toei Line and Keisei Line) and by airport shuttle….From Haneda to Narita.

Airport Shuttle
How to Access Airport Transport Service (Airport Shuttle) Haneda Airport International Terminal
Time Required 65 – 85 minutes
Fare 3,200 yen

What is Tokyo’s Best airport?

Haneda Airport—officially known as Tokyo International Airport—handles a large number of international flights from all over the globe. Narita Airport is located much further outside Tokyo than Haneda, but great transportation links means easy access into the city.

Which airport in Japan is the cheapest to fly into?

Tokyo Haneda
Tokyo Haneda Taking first prize here as the cheapest airport to fly to in all of Japan is Haneda Airport, which can be found jutting its way out into the waters of Tokyo Bay on the southern fringes of the sprawling capital itself.

Which airport is closer to Tokyo?

Haneda Airport
The Takeaway. Tokyo is served by two airports: Narita International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND). Both airports serve international flights. Haneda is closer and more convenient to Tokyo but has fewer international connections.