How do you get the Lspd Tactical Truck?

The best way to steal the LSPD truck is to create a barrier. Get ahead of the truck and then block the way. Wait for the truck to get near and then start shooting at the officers inside. The officers have body armor, so shoot until all four of them are eliminated.

Where can I find a SWAT van in GTA 5?

In GTA 5 Online this Vehicle can be found at the Sandy Shores police station, the Paleto police station, and the impound lot.

Where is the Lspd van in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V They spawn as a roadblock across 1 lane of the road, alongside a Spike Strip. Despite being a LSPD vehicle, the van can spawn in roadblocks across San Andreas. Furthermore, it will always spawn with an LSPD officer nearby.

How do you intercept the van in GTA 5?

To achieve this requirement, Mike needs to shoot the back doors open. If you have enough ammo, use a drive-by to shoot the doors open while the van is in motion. If the van is stopped, simply shoot the door handles to open the doors for the Gold.

How do I lose the cops in GTA 5?

In GTA V’s story mode, one of the most effective ways to lose the cops is by going to the ocean and submerging beneath the surface. The same method can be taken advantage of in GTA Online. The main aspect to remember when trying this method is to go fully underneath the surface.

Where is the unmarked police car in GTA 5?

The Unmarked Cruiser is an extremely rare spawn in Story Mode and can be found in Strawberry at night at the U-shaped Los Santos Transit bus terminal, under the Olympic Freeway.

Where are the 4 muscle cars in GTA 5?

The 3 Gauntlet Cars’ locations in GTA 5 Heist setup

  • Rockford Hills Gauntlet Pillbox Hill Gauntlet Mission Row Gauntlet.
  • Pillbox Hill Location.

How do I get the humane van?

Steal the Humane van or its cargo Since this van is at the highway, the easiest approach is to ram it to its right side, and guide it toward the highway railing. This should stop the van at once. The Gold Medal’s task requires successfully shooting at the rear of the truck, until doors open and release the cargo.

How do you destroy the Humane van in GTA V?

In this case, you can shot the driver or get in his way, pull him out of the van and drive away quickly. The second variant assumes that you destroy the back gate in the van. Start shooting during the drive, and to the extent it is possible, use some better king of weapon.