How do you mod FTL 2021?

To add mods to slipstream, navigate to the steamapps/common/FTL Faster Than Light folder (where the game is located). Once there, move your downloaded mod into the “mods” folder. To activate a mod, run Slipstream, select the mod(s) you want to use, then click “patch”.

Where is FTL located?

Fort Lauderdale, FL (FTL) | Amtrak.

How do you mod the breach?

To install mods, simply unpack them into the mods folder in the game’s base directory. To access some functionalities of the mod loader, like configuration, etc., click on the Mod Content button in the main menu after starting the game.

Are there any mods for FTL Advanced Edition?

No matter if you are new to FTL modding or an experienced mod user – this is the place to get an overview of new and old mods for FTL Advanced Edition. Enjoy browsing the mods. marksteele wrote: Installing Mods – Mods require SMM – Slipstream Mod Manager to install/uninstall. Want to make mods yourself?

What is the best FTL mod you can play without?

Best FTL Mods You Can’t Play Without. Descent into Darkness is another overhaul mod for FTL which starts the player off with a bare-bones ship to customize and tweak to their heart’s desire. There are 72 possible combinations which are four times that of the base game.

Where can I find the most up to date FTL mods?

Note: visit the Official thread [] on the FTL forums for the most up to date mods, as I will only be doing bulk updates for this thread. FTL: Overdrive [] – This project is a rewrite of the games code to allow for enhanced moddability.

What is this FTL supremacy mod?

This mod is built upon FTL Supremacy. It replaces the FTL-Federation ships with Starfleet vessels from Star Trek and also adds weapons and sounds from the Star Trek Universe.