How do you play as Wesker on re5?

Wesker is unlockable character in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence “Multiplayer” mode. To unlock him, get a B rank in the Master of Knifing minigame. His description is “Master of Firearms”.

How do you hit Wesker?

First, shoot the emblem on his back (like you did when you faced him solo), then run to the edge and turn to face Wesker. He will perform his tentacle whirlwind attack, and then the weak spot on his chest will become exposed. Shoot it until it recedes! Repeat the process over and over again while dodging his attacks.

How do you unlock Wesker Albert?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Press ‘Y’ or ‘triangle’ at either ‘MY PAGE’ or ‘MY CHARACTER’ to open up item purchase screen.
  2. Press ‘X’ or ‘square’ to open up a password box.
  3. Enter ‘72962792’ for Wesker and ‘83561942’ for Frank West.

How do you unlock characters in Mercenaries re5?

Mercenaries is unlocked upon completing the main game. The goal is to get the highest score possible by killing as many enemies as you can, and stringing together high kill combos.

How do you unlock characters in Mercenaries mode?

The Mercenaries allows players to play as four different characters each with their own set of melee attacks. Each character has alternate outfits that have different inventory load outs. Chris and Sheva in their BSAA outfits are available be default, the rest must be unlocked by scoring an A rank on a certain stage.

How do you stun Wesker re5?

To defeat Wesker, shoot one of his weak spots, located on his chest and back, and avoid the instant kill hurricane assault which occurs after downing him. The trick to avoiding this is to distance yourself with Wesker, however running away is dangerous. Instead, bring along a handgun and shoot Wesker in the head.

How do you beat Wesker first fight?

When the fight starts, don’t bother to shoot Wesker because he will dodge your bullets. Run to the door on the right and a cutscene will occur after a few seconds; you will be knocked through the door by Wesker. Try to shoot Wesker if he is not after you. If he turns around, he will be after your partner.

How do you unlock characters in Mercenaries Resident Evil 5?

How do you get SS on all Mercenaries?

How to Get High Points/Score

  1. Sell Unnecessary Items.
  2. Make Upgrades to Weapons Suitable For Level.
  3. Beat Level Faster For Time Bonus.
  4. Choose The Right Perks.
  5. Defeat All Enemies.
  6. Kill Consecutively For Combo Bonus.
  7. Pick Up All Orbs.