How do you use CleanTrax?

Directions For Use: Immerse the hoof completely into the CleanTrax solution (if a bag is used, pull the top of the bag up above the knee and tie or tape it closed). Soak the hoof for 45 minutes. If the infection is bad or recurring, extend the soak time to 60 minutes.

What is CleanTrax made of?

Technical; The active ingredient in CleanTrax is oxyclorsine. A chlorine-based compound has been structured in a way that it will not freely dissociate.

Can humans use clean Trax?

The non-necrotizing chemicals in CleanTrax hoof cleaner have no effect on healthy cells. It is so safe to use, in fact, that it is currently used to treat deep fungal infections in human fingernails and toenails.

How do horses get white line disease?

White line disease always occurs after hoof wall separation which can begin at the toe, quarter and/or heel of the hoof. This area may become infected with bacteria or fungi which break down hoof wall tissue. Hoof wall separation is quite common in horses but does not always lead to white line disease.

How do you use Field paste?

Using Field Paste is very simple: Smear onto a clean (ideally dry and wire-brushed) sole and frog after picking out, paying special attention to colateral grooves and other cracks. Ideally prior to exposure to muddy fields. For use in stabled horses smear on thinly to prevent clogging the feet with bedding.

Who makes CleanTrax?

CleanTrax Hoof Cleaner is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 3. Try UltraCruz® Equine Advanced Hoof Supplement for Horses developed and produced by Santa Cruz Animal Health. You must be signed in to save a favorite.

How do you get rid of white line disease?

The mainstay of white line disease treatment is hoof-wall resection, where a skilled farrier cuts away all three layers of the hoof wall to remove the infected material. A hoof knife or Dremel tool can clear out the powdery hoof wall.

How long does white line disease take to heal?

On average, it takes about 10-12 months for the wall to completely grow out and the delamination to resolve. Therefore, successful treatment for white line disease should include a plan to address DDFT tension.

What is Field Paste?

Field Paste is our anti-thrush paste for for horses which are mainly field kept. It has a thick paste-like consistency which offers greater ‘staying power’ as it remains in contact with the affected areas longer than other thrush treatments.

How do you use hoof clay?

Application Instructions Use fingers or a tongue depressor to press Life Data® Hoof Clay® into areas of concern such as white line separations, crumbling hoof horn, hoof cracks, and old nail holes. As a general guideline, apply twice per week in wet conditions and less frequently in dry conditions.

How long does white line take to heal?

O’Grady says. The quarters (sides) of the hoof will grow out in six to eight months. And the heel will grow out in three or four months. So if, for example, a horse has half the length of his toe resected, it will take five to six months to re-grow.

What do you feed a horse with white line disease?

A Dietary Approach Kempson’s gave this overall advice on nutrition and white line disease. A diet should be well balanced with calcium and phosphorus. You need a ration of 1.6-part calcium to 1-part phosphorus. Alfalfa is a good source of calcium for poor absorbers.