How does Christie die in Alien Resurrection?

Badly wounded and realizing his dead weight was causing Vriess to lose his grip on the ladder, Christie cut the bonds tying them together and plunged into the water below, the dead Xenomorph still clinging to his leg dragging him under the surface, where he presumably drowned.

Who survives in Alien Resurrection?

Female synthetic Call (played by Winona Ryder), Ripley and two other characters survive the crash – but so too does the Newborn. Ripley, realizing that they’ve landed perilously close to a city, resolves to take out her nemesis before it can harm anyone else, and armed with a grenade launcher, prepares to do battle.

How did Ripley get resurrected?

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, reprising her role from the previous three Alien films. After having sacrificed herself to kill the Alien Queen gestating inside her in Alien 3, Ripley has been cloned using blood samples so that the military may extract the Queen embryo.

How did Ripley get impregnated?

The creature can actually be seen very briefly in the longer Assembly Cut of Alien 3, when prisoners Murphy and Frank discuss what killed the ox, and Murphy finds the creature. Some viewers speculate that this “super facehugger” carried both a Queen and a normal Alien embryo, so it impregnated the ox/dog and Ripley.

Does Ripley give birth to an Alien?

The now fully-grown Alien Queen, having developed a womb because of Ripley’s DNA, gives birth to a human-Alien hybrid, who kills the Queen and imprints on Number Eight as its mother.

How did Alien egg get on the Sulaco?

The chestburster crawls off, grows into an adult Xenomorph, and then does some kind of egg-morphing thing, and puts the egg on the Sulaco. The Xenomorph could have morphed some food on the Sulaco into an egg, or perhaps a Warrior Xenomorph can grow one egg inside itself and then lay it.

What happened to Ripley’s clone?

The Newborn killed the Cloned Queen and apparently viewed Ripley 8 as its true mother, although Ripley 8 fled from the creature at the first opportunity and made it to the Betty.