How does RideSafer work?

The Ride Safer Travel Vest optimizes the existing vehicle seat belt system to protect the child by keeping a low center of gravity and allowing the vehicle seat belt and seat cushion to manage the crash forces. The belt guides place the seat belt into correct pre-crash position and move with the child.

How do you wear RideSafer?

Place the neck pillow right behind the neck, not the head. The pillow attaches on the back of the vest. You must use the tether if using the RideSafer with a lap-only seat belt. Otherwise, the tether is optional with a lap-shoulder seat belt.

What is a RideSafer vest?

RideSafer is the revolutionary, wearable child restraint that is easy-to-use, easy-to-carry and legal! The New! Extra Small size RideSafer Travel Vest: For this age of child, rear-facing is the safest option.

Is RideSafer FAA approved?

The RideSafer is a fabulous option when traveling with children who are within the age and size limits of the vest. For some specific country information view our other FAQs below. IS THE RIDESAFER FAA APPROVED FOR USE ON AIRPLANES? At this time the vests are not FAA approved for use on airplanes.

Is the RideSafer vest legal in US?

The Ride Safer Travel Vest has fairly rigid support through the body, unlike a traditional booster seat that has no body support. It meets or exceeds all crash test requirements and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for harness restraints, meaning the Ride Safer travel vest is legal throughout the US.

Is the RideSafer vest legal in UK?

CAN I USE THE VEST IN UK? For UK residents: Technically the RideSafer Delight has not been certified for use in UK. We used to have an EU version that came with a booster seat but the manufacturer made came out with the new model and has not yet certified it.

Is Mifold safe for 4 year old?

Now mifold can help with all these situations and provide a better child safety journey for our children on those occasions. Mifold is a Group 2/3 seat and can be used by children from the weight of 15kg which is approximately the age of 4 years old. So, when can we use mifold: Everyday use.

How safe is the ride safer vest?

Do RideSafer vests expire?

RideSafer Gen 5 vests have a 10-year expiration date. RideSafer Delight vests have a 10-year expiration date.

How safe is the RideSafer vest?

Does the RideSafer vest expire?

RideSafer Delight vests have a 10-year expiration date.

Why choose the ridesafer?

The RideSafer is the perfect companion for parents cabbing it across town with their children. Whether the city is your travel destination or you live there, getting from place to place by taxi or ride share cars may be your mode of transportation.

What is a ridesafer vest?

Many parents say the RideSafer vest, made of soft fabric and padding, is like a hug or the weighted vest some of these children use. Other children may have poor motor control and need the restraint to help them sit in proper position and stay in place. The RideSafer comes with a tether to help these children stay in position.

How much does the head move with the ridesafer?

With the RideSafer, the head moves about 16” so nearly half of what is allowed. Less in this case is great! Any more than 32″ and the child restraint wouldn’t pass standards and wouldn’t be certified.) Start Your Order On Our Store!