How far should pendant lights be spaced?

Ideally, you will want the space between each pendant to be the same as the width or diameter of each fixture. For example, if you have 18 inch pendants, the space between each fixture should be 18 inches. This rule of thumb remains true, even if the pendants are hung at staggering heights.

How many pendants do I need for a 6 foot island?

two pendants
One method you can use is simply dividing the length of the area up evenly. For example, if your island is six feet long, you could put a light every three feet for a total of two pendants, each one centered over one-half of the space.

How many pendants do I need for a 12 foot Island?

3 island lights
How many pendant lights do I need for a 12 foot Island? You should install 3 island lights over a 12 foot island that are approximately 24″ wide. Center the pendants over the island spaced 25″ apart, leaving 10 inches on each end of the countertop.

How many pendants do I need for a 8 foot island?

two pendant lights
For an eight foot island, you need at least two pendant lights. What is this? Depending on the size, you can also go with three smaller lights, too. It’s thought that odd groupings are more visually pleasing, but it’s truly a preference.

How many pendants do I need for a 5 foot island?

It’s recommended to have two pendant lights over a 5 foot kitchen island. This helps distribute light evenly on top of the island and does not look overcrowded. If you choose to go with three pendant lights, it’s important to ensure they’re thin.

How many lights should be on a 7 foot island?

If lighting a short island (6′ to 7′ wide), use two pendants that are at least 30” apart and equidistant from the center point of the island. The widest part of the pendant should be about 30” from the center of the island.

How big should pendant lights be over a 6 foot island?

Large islands (6 feet and longer) can handle 2 large or 3 medium pendants. Using 3 pendants is very pleasing to the eye. Small pendants are 10″ or smaller, medium pendants are 10″ to 20″ wide and large pendants are 20″+ wide.

How far apart should kitchen island lights be?

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to leave at least 30 inches of space between each pendant to keep the lights from looking cluttered. You can shorten this amount for smaller kitchen islands or lengthen it to accommodate larger spaces as needed.

How many lights are needed for a 10 foot Island?

three pendant lights
For a 10 foot island, it’s best to go with three pendant lights to balance out the length of your island.

How many lights should go over a kitchen island?

This “rule” can be applied to most kitchen islands, therefore three pendant lights are ideal. However, the number of light fixtures above a kitchen island also depends on the size of the island itself. If your client has a fairly small island (5-6 feet), two pendant lights are sufficient.

How many lights do I need for a 7 foot island?