How fast is the 2006 Hayabusa?

186 mile per hour
Now due to the limitations it has top speed of 186 mile per hour. It is still actually much more than you can use on roads. Getting up to 150mph takes literally just a few seconds.

How much does a 2000 Hayabusa weigh?

Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa

Make Model Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa
Seat Height 805 mm / 31.7 in
Dry Weight 217 kg / 480 lbs
Fuel Capacity 21 Litres / 5.5 US gal / 4.6 Imp gal
Top Speed 299.3 km/h / 186 mph

Is a 2006 Hayabusa fuel injected?

Nothing short of Suzuki’s most sophisticated technology. Including digital electronic fuel injection for crisp, instantaneous throttle response.

How much horsepower does a 2006 Hayabusa have?

155.9 hp
The Hayabusa models’ engine generates an average 155.9 hp (116 kW) at 9700 RPM. The standard dry weight of the 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa model is 478 pounds (217 kg). Overall model dimensions of each 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa are a standard length of 84.3 in. (2140 mm), width of 29.1 in.

How much does a Hayabusa 2 weigh?

about 580 lb
The Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 weighs around 265 kg (about 580 lb) wet, which isn’t mind-bogglingly heavy. There are many heavier cruisers and adventure tourers. And of course, it makes lots of power (enough to make up for the weight at moderate speeds).

What year is the unrestricted Hayabusa?

This gives the unrestricted 1999 models even more cachet with collectors….Suzuki Hayabusa.

Manufacturer Suzuki
Production 1999–present
Assembly Japan: Toyokawa, Aichi (Toyokawa plant) India: Gurgaon (Gurgaon plant)
Class Sport bike
Top speed 1999: 303–312 km/h (188–194 mph) 2000: 299 km/h (186 mph)

How many gears does a 2006 Hayabusa have?

6 speed
Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by 1340cc 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine, mated to 6 speed constant mesh transmission gears.

Can you corner a Hayabusa?

We all agree that at slower speeds – street riding, track beginner group, and intermediate group – mighty ‘Busa’s cornering is not an issue at all. So, for 90% of the riders “Hayabusa can’t corner” slogan doesn’t hold water. This is very consistent with my personal feel.