How long has the GED been around?

The GED test was originally developed in 1942. Two primary reasons for developing the test were the number of American men being sent overseas to fight in World War II before they could complete their high school education, and the number of people leaving school early to join the largely industrial work force.

Is a GED the same as high school diploma?

A high school diploma signifies that the student has attended and successfully completed all required courses in a traditional classroom setting. The GED is a set of 5 exams that determines whether the test-taker has a high school graduate’s level of knowledge.

What GED means?

General Educational Development
The GED was originally an acronym for the Tests of General Educational Development, but since 2011 we just use the term GED. The GED test is a series of four subject tests a person can take to demonstrate their high school academic knowledge.

Why is a GED not as good as a diploma?

“The GED is better than no credential for a dropout,” he says, “but it’s not as good as a diploma. It doesn’t replace a diploma, in terms of labor market outcomes.” The research also shows that only 1 in 10 GED recipients earns a college degree. Today, this is perhaps the GED’s biggest challenge.

What is equivalent to a high school diploma?

The GED is recognized nationally as an acceptable substitute for a high school diploma and is a valuable asset for pursuing career and educational opportunities. It has tests in math, reading, writing, social studies and science. You can take the test in English or Spanish.

How can I verify my high school diploma in USA?

You just have to submit copies of your verified transcript and your diploma to these agencies so that they can evaluate them for you. You should also contact your high school and get a copy of the proof that you have completed your schooling there.

What is a high school diploma in the United States?

United States. A United States high school diploma usually refers to the satisfactory completion of grade schooling including kindergarten through the 12th grade and is then issued by the school district and the high school after a student’s graduation.

What are the tests to get a high school diploma?

Tests to Get a High School Diploma 1 GED. A GED, or general education diploma, is a test that prospective students or adults can take in place of attending a high school and building a transcript with required 2 State Exit Exams. 3 College Entrance Exams. 4 Virtual Schools.

What is the value of a test to receive a diploma?

The value of a test to receive a high school diploma, is dependent on the accreditation of the school or organization providing the test, and the test score’s acceptance by employers and universities. For this reason, it is important to as much as possible about the high school diploma test that you plan to take.

What grade is a high school diploma equivalent to in the UK?

In England and Wales, the high school diploma is considered to be at the level of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), which is awarded at Year 11. For college and university admissions, the high school diploma may be accepted in lieu of the GCSE if an average grade of C is obtained in subjects with a GCSE counterpart.