How long is Air Force engineering Tech school?

Air Force Technical Training Information The technical training required for an 3E5X1 takes 2 ½ months to complete. It’s done in conjunction with other branches of the service and takes place at Ft Leonard Wood.

How long is civil engineering tech school for the Air Force?

After graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy or earning your bachelor’s degree and enlisting, you must attend officer training school (OTS) to become a civil engineer. OTS is a 12-week development course that you can only be eligible for after completing four years of college.

What is a 3E5X1 Air Force?

An Engineering Specialist directs and performs civil engineering design, drafting, surveying, and contract surveillance to support Air Force facility construction and maintenance programs. Prepares manual and Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings, specifications, and cost estimates.

How long is tech school for client systems in the Air Force?

This technical training program lasts about 2 ½ months long. During this training, the recruit will learn the basics of what it takes to be a Client Systems Technician. The school will familiarize them with all the types of computers, networks, and support equipment that fall under their area of responsibility.

Can you drink in tech school?

Alcohol is prohibited. You must wear your military uniform both on and off duty but may wear civilian attire inside your dormitory room, and obey curfew rules, which vary by base.

Do Air Force engineers get deployed?

You may be deployed short notice for anywhere from 2 months to 14 months. The most enjoyable part of the job is the people to meet and places you go.

Is cyber surety a good job?

Many civilian cyber surety jobs have excellent starting salaries that are oftentimes in excess of $60,000/year or more. Those that land jobs as government cyber surety contractors will also have their military time count towards vacation days and retirement.

Is cyber transport systems a good job?

Civilian Job Opportunities For those who are career planning and thinking about what skills transfer to civilian life after the military, Cyber Transport has plenty to offer. In this field, the best-paying civilian jobs list having a bachelor’s degree as a requirement, and these jobs indicate the highest pay.